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Lunner Church


Lunner Church Sign

Photo by Lag member Wendy Winkelman




The oldest part of Lunner Church was a rectangular church built of stone in the 1100's. In the 1780's major remodeling was done that gave the church its cross shaped design. The exterior masonry of the church includes nine Romanesque reliefs of both real and imaginary human figures and animals.  These remarkable figures were probably carved in the 12th century and were not oiginally placed where they are today.  They may have been moved from another part of the church during early renovations, or may have been moved to Lunner Church from another church.

Originally, it had the only round steeple in Norway, located at the west entrance. That was torn down in the 1780's to create more seating space.  The foundation of the tower was unearthed during renovations in 1987-88.  A glass floor was installed to cover the area so that the remains of the round tower can be seen.   

A renovation in 1930 included a new alter rail paid for by the Hadeland Lag and a new pulpit paid for by Lag member Jens H. Lynner.


Lunner Church Altar 

Lunner Church Altar

Photo by Lag member Wendy Winkelman



Lunner Church - Foundation of the Round Tower  

Interior of Lunner Church

Photo by Lag member Linda Lee Larson


The foundation of the round tower is beneath the chandelier, under the altar and glass floor





Lunner Church - Masonry Relief 


Exterior of Lunner Church

Detail of Relief shown next to door on photo below

Photos taken by Lag Member Diane Resvick


More Photos of Lunner Church


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