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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

- C through E -

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Last Name First Name City State


Christian J.




Edward J., Mr & Mrs.


Canton Gilbert Iverson Watson MN
Canton Iver Hartland MN
Canton Peder J., Mr.& Mrs. Watson MN
Canton Robert Mora MN
Canton Sven Hartland MN
Canton Thomas S. St. Paul MN
Carlsen Martin H. Darlington WI
Carlson Andrea Dresser Jct. WI
Carlson Andrew Nye WI
Carlson Gilbert Dawson MN
Carlson Gus, Mr. & Mrs. Heimdal ND
Carlson Julia M. Mayville ND
Carlson Martin B. Blanchardville WI
Carlson Thorsten Cloquet MN
Carlsrud Don, Mr & Mrs. Wahpeton ND
Carter Christle Mineral Point WI
Chose Christ Ft. Ranson ND
Chrisben Carl Montevideo MN
Christensen Anna O. Dows IA
Christensen Carl Montevideo MN
Christensen Paul Montevideo MN
Christewere A. M. Northwood ND
Christianson A. M., Mrs. Northwood ND
Christianson Carl Montevideo MN
Christianson Guida Bejou MN
Christianson Jeanette Bejou MN
Christianson John Bloomer WI
Christianson Linda Wahpeton ND
Christianson Lloyd, Mrs. Revere ND
Christianson Minnie Bejou MN
Christianson Ole Fertile MN
Christianson Ole & Inga Bowbells ND
Christianson Ole H. Dows IA
Christianson Roy Bejou MN
Christianson Simon Colfax WI
Christianson Syver, Mrs. Bejou MN
Christopherson Otto Epping ND
Clark Patricia Milwaukee WI
Clark Thomas Lennox CA
Cleven Martha Minneapolis MN
Corneliusen Peder C Blanchardville WI
Cross Karlyn Nordgaard White Bear Lake MN
Currie Victor, Mr. And Mrs. Fergus Falls MN
Daehlen Ingvald Fergus Falls MN
Daehlen Ole DeSmet SD
Daehlin Robert, Rev & Mrs. Gary MN
Dagnum Gunder Bowbells ND
Dagnum Thorstein Bowbells ND
Dahl Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Sioux City IA
Dahl Mrs. Gus Grand Rapids MN
Dahle Gardis Berwyn IL
Dahle Nora Fertile MN
Dahlen Albert, Mr. & Mrs. Plaza ND
Dahlen Anna    Kindred ND
Dahlen Anton P Kindred ND
Dahlen Clara Kindred ND
Dahlen Edward DeSmet SD
Dahlen Erwin Kindred ND
Dahlen Hans Albert Lea MN
Dahlen Hans O. Woodford WI
Dahlen Ida Sutton ND
Dahlen Ingvald Fergus Falls MN
Dahlen Irene Kindred ND
Dahlen Iver Big Falls MN
Dahlen Myrtle Sutton ND
Dahlen Olaf & Lois Willmar MN
Dahlen Olaf J Sutton ND
Dahlen Ole E Kindred, Northwood ND
Dahlen Ole P, Rev. DeSmet SD
Dahlen Oscar M Kindred ND
Dahlen Peder Kindred ND
Dahlen Peter T Amery WI
Dahlen Peter Thompson New Richmond WI
Dahlen Ragna Mayville ND
Dahlen Raymond Kindred ND
Dalen Torvald, Mrs. Williston ND
Dalhaug Edward, Mrs. Blanchardville WI
Dammen Ivar, Mr. & Mrs. Starkweather,Devils Lake ND
Dammen Lawrence, Mrs. Argyle WI
Dammen Oscar Starkweather ND
Destrampe Agnes South Wayne WI
Devergsten Erick Anderson Caledonia, Hillsboro ND
Dietrich Mari Crystal ND
Dihle Erick Anderson Larson ND
Dihle Gilbert Esmond ND
Dihle Jorgen O Rothsay MN
Dihle Sigford Esmond ND
Divette Dorthea Dahl Minnetonka MN
Dokkebraaten Peder Anderson Canton SD
Dokken Marie Canton SD
Dokken Nels J Northwood ND
Dokken Peder Anderson Canton SD
Doyle Jenny Plattville WI
Drovdahl Andrew Summit SD
Drovdahl Anne Arnegard  ND
Drovdahl Dorothy Anne Missoula MT
Drovdahl Iver Arnegard,Watford City ND
Drovdahl Iver Iverson Star Prairie WI
Drovdahl Lars Whitefish MT
Drovdahl Olaf Arnegard ND
Drovehal Anders Montevideo MN
Duis Dalene Tucson AZ
Durspek William J & Mary Marion IA
Dvergsteen Julius P Spring Grove MN
Dvergsten Erick  Hillsboro ND
Dvergsten H P Sorum SD
Dvergsten Hans P Sparta WI
Dvergsten Peder Enderlin ND
Dybing Gabe, Mr & Mrs. Heimdal, Velva ND
Dybing Gertie  Maddock ND
Dynna Lena Waukesha WI
Dynne Bjrig Waukesha WI
Eastvold John & Anna Ruso ND
Edwards Alice Seattle WA
Egge Adolph, Rev. & Mrs. Hoople ND
Egge Amie Plaza ND
Egge Caroline Sioux Falls SD
Egge Clara Fargo ND
Egge Erik Barnesville MN
Egge G H & Annie Northwood ND
Egge G. H., Mr.&Mrs. Plaza ND
Egge Hans Albert Lea MN
Egge Helen McIntosh MN
Egge John A Garretson SD
Egge Ole O. Barnsville MN
Egge Otto, Mrs. Mayville ND
Egge Paul E Decorah IA
Egge Peder & Ester Brandbu Norway
Egge Peter, Mrs. Mayville ND
Egge Peder Wentworth SD
Eggebraaten A. H., Mr & Mrs. Twin Valley MN
Eggemoen Anders Waokon IA
Eid Albert J Gary MN
Eid Anton J Gary MN
Eid Bernice Gary MN
Eid Bernt, Mrs. Gary MN
Eid Carl A Fertile MN
Eid Eines, Jens T Barnesville MN
Eid Elmer S East Grand Forks MN
Eid Erick Gary MN
Eid Iver, Mr. & Mrs. Milan MN
Eid Jacob, Mr & Mrs. Gary, Fleming MN
Eid John Kildeer ND
Eid Mary  Gary MN
Eid Ole J Gary MN
Eid Sophie Fertile MN
Eid Susanne Gary MN
Elenes Ivar Wright MN
Elken Andrew H Hamburg, Maddock ND
Elken Andrew T Taylor ND
Elken B T Taylor ND
Elken G L Mpls MN, Mayville ND
Elken Gertie M Hamburg ND
Elken Mikkel L Mayville ND
Elken Nils Amey WI
Eller Lillian E Mason City IA
Ellingson Idor, Mr. & Mrs Fertile MN
Ellingson Iver Northwood ND
Elnes Ivar Wright MN
Elnes Jens T. Barnesville MN
Elnes Peter LaMoille MN
Elsen Dalice Walcott ND
Elstoen A J, Mr & Mrs Berthold ND
Elstoen Anton, Mr & Mrs Berthold ND
Elverud Louis  Montevideo MN
Embry J. Leland, Mrs. Vovato CA
Embry Lee & Esther Novato CA
Emerson Gust New Richmond WI
Emerson Lynn, Mr & Mrs Windom MN
Endrud Mila Buxton Nd
Endrud Ted, Mr & Mrs Buxton ND
Engebretson E M Black River Falls WI
Engebretson Erick Northwood ND/Rothsay MN
Engebretson Lars Fertile MN
Engelson Ken, Mr & Mrs Grove City MN
Engen Emil Maddock ND
Engen Hans P Northwood IA
Engen Kari Mayville ND
Engen Olaus, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA
Enger A A Hudson SD
Enger Edgar B Belview MN
Enger H B Hudson SD
Ensminger Rose Walcott ND
Erickson Alfred Sacred Heart MN
Erickson Andrew Decorah IA
Erickson Buois New Richmond WI
Erickson C. H. Mabel MN
Erickson C. T. Mabel MN
Erickson Christine Grafton ND
Erickson Cornelius Peterson, Mabel MN
Erickson Cyrus St Paul MN
Erickson E G Hatton ND
Erickson E O, Mrs Staples, Gary MN
Erickson E P Leonard, Fargo ND
Erickson Emial E Sacred Heart MN
Erickson Gilbert Hanley MN, Christine ND
Erickson H F Fargo ND
Erickson H G Hatton ND
Erickson Hans C, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Erickson Hans Sanberg Northwood ND
Erickson Herman, Mrs Burlington WI
Erickson J Starbuck MN
Erickson L, Mr & Mrs Deer Park WI
Erickson Lars Sharon ND
Erickson Louis New Richmond WI
Erickson Louis E Deer Park WI
Erickson Mary Gary MN
Erickson Nils Lake Mills IA
Erickson Ole Nylsbraaten Brett IA
Erickson Peter Osage IA
Erickson Peter, Mrs. Nora Springs IA
Erickson Sam, Mr & Mrs Gary MN
Erickson Silbert Thompson IA
Erickson Siri Eid Staples MN
Erickson Thorsten, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Erie Harriet Minneapolis MN
Erlien Ellef & Alfield Twin Valley MN
Erlien Elmo & Cora Benedict, Minot ND
Erlien Harold Benedict MN
Erlien Leon A Brandon MN
Erlien Ole & Minnie Benedict ND
Erlien Sigurd & Anna Grenora ND, Twin Valley MN
Esperum Hugo Marion ND
Esperum Louis (Lewis) Marion ND
Esperum Martha Marion ND
Esperum Ole, Mr. & Mrs. Marion ND
Evans Dorothy  Wichita KS
Evans Ed T Dows IA
Evenrud H H Decorah IA
Evenrud Nels A Decorah IA
Evenson A, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Evenson Anton P St Paul MN
Evenson Carl, Mr. & Mrs. Arnegard ND
Evenson Ed Dows IA
Evenson John Watson MN, Canton SD
Everson E, Mrs Blanchardville WI
Everson Harold Argyle WI
Everson Ole Kindred ND

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