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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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Last Name First Name City State
O'Connor Denise Renville MN
Odegaard Adolf Minneapolis MN
Odegaard Clara  Pillsbury ND
Odegaard F, Mr & Mrs Fargo ND
Odegaard Hans Oriska ND
Odegaard Ingvald Hickson ND
Odegaard Iver Winona MN
Odegaard Ole Minneapolis MN
Odegaard Ole, Mrs Hazel MN
Odegaard Oline Pillsbury ND
Odegaard Thorvald, Mr & Mrs Hickson ND
Offerud Darf Postville IA
Ohnsager Iver, Mr. & Mrs. Blaisdale ND
Ohren Anton Beresford SD
Oldre Gus, Mr & Mrs Madison SD
Olerud Anders (Andrew) Kindred ND
Olerud Andrew Mayville, Kelso ND
Olerud Andrew, Mr & Mrs Harwood ND
Olerud Christ Kindred ND
Olerud Emil McLeod ND
Olerud Melvin   McLeod ND
Olimb Christ & Kari Granville ND
Olimb Gunder Granville ND
Olimb Lars, Mr & Mrs Sharon ND
Ollerud A T Wentworth SD
Olmstad Mrs. Matamiska AK
Olness Carrie Faribault MN
Olsen Albert Star Prairie WI
Olsen Alf, Mrs. Duluth MN
Olsen Clarence Pelican Rapids MN
Olsen Edwin, Mr & Mrs Sharon ND
Olsen Gilbert Argyle WI
Olsen Gilbert, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Olsen H K, Mr & Mrs Lonetree ND
Olsen Iver Dalton MN
Olsen Julius, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Olsen Karen Lakota ND
Olsen L C Argyle WI
Olsen Lewis Junior SD
Olsen Marie N Milton ND
Olsen Ole M Hillhead SD
Olsen Peder Smebo Clarks Grove MN
Olsen Sara Minneapolis MN
Olsloen Anton Berthold ND
Olson A L, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Olson Albin E, Mr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Olson Alf, Mrs. Duluth MN
Olson Amund Deronda WI
Olson Andrew Maddock, Brinsmade ND
Olson Anna Marie (Mary) Star Prairie WI
Olson Anna, Mrs. Sharon ND
Olson Bertha Holm Hudson WI
Olson Borghild Gran, Norway, Hudson WI
Olson C C Blanchardville WI
Olson Calvin, Mr & Mrs Highland WI
Olson Dorothy Christopher Minneapolis MN
Olson E C Blanchardville WI
Olson Eldon Park Rapids MN
Olson Elias, Mrs Gran, Norway, Hudson WI
Olson Ethel Spring Grove MN
Olson Floyd, Mr & Mrs Fertile MN
Olson Gerald, Mr & Mrs Madison WI
Olson Gilbert Pelican Rapids MN
Olson Grace (Mrs. Morgan) Minneapolis MN
Olson H E Moorhead MN
Olson Halvor Stillwater MN
Olson Helmer Heimdal ND
Olson Jens   Madison SD
Olson John, Mrs Eagle Grove IA
Olson Juel Osceola WI
Olson Julius, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Olson Knut Hudson WI
Olson L C Argyle WI
Olson L G Cooperstown ND
Olson Lars Montevideo MN
Olson Lars Storskogen,M/M New Richmond WI
Olson Lars, Mr & Mrs Madison SD
Olson M E Minneapolis MN
Olson Martin N Blanchardville WI
Olson Martin, Mrs Star Prairie WI
Olson Mary Star Prairie WI
Olson Mary Hudson WI
Olson Morgan Minneapolis MN
Olson N F Northwood ND
Olson Nels Hartland, Moorhead MN
Olson Nils Calmar IA
Olson Olaf (Oluf)  H Portland ND
Olson Olaf (Oluf) Frosli Colfax WI
Olson Olander Madison SD
Olson Olaves (Olaus) Barron WI
Olson Ole H Northfield MN
Olson Ole W Los Angeles CA
Olson Olga Sorlie Duluth MN
Olson Oluf F, Mr & Mrs Northwood ND
Olson Oscar Blanchardville WI
Olson Raymond, Mr & Mrs Spring Grove MN
Olson Sigrid, Mrs Minneapolis MN
Olson Thelma, Dr Vermillion SD
Olson Thomas, Mrs Postville IA
Olson Viola Valley City ND
Onsager A A Northwood ND
Onsager A J St Paul MN
Onsager John A, Mr & Mrs South St Paul MN
Ophaug Ted, Mr & Mrs McVille ND
Opperud Dorf, Mr & Mrs Postville IA
Opperud Irene Postville IA
Opperud J L, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Opperud John M Postville IA
Opperud M D Postville IA
Opperud O A, Mrs Minneapolis MN
Oren Antton Benisford SD
Orvig Iver, Mrs Michigan ND
Ost Corwin, Mrs Duluth MN
Ostby Erik Appleton MN
Ostby Lars Thief River Falls MN
Ostenson Olive Sharon ND
Ostenson Theodore, Mr & Mrs Sharon ND
Oxton Valborg, Mrs Northfield MN


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