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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

- P through Q -

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Last Name First Name City State
Palmer M E, Mr & Mrs Janesville WI
Paulson Anna Webster SD
Paulson Anna Aneta, Kloten ND
Paulson Anna Clermont IA
Paulson Anna Marie Larson Northwood ND
Paulson B Blanchardville WI
Paulson Carl Madison WI
Paulson Chris, Mrs Northwood ND
Paulson Edward Sacred Heart     MN
Paulson Gilbert Whiteball WI
Paulson Gilbert Jasper MN
Paulson Gina Omega SD
Paulson Gus, Mrs Maddock ND
Paulson Helga Nokleby Montevideo MN
Paulson Lloyd & Evelyn Madison WI
Paulson Ludvig, Mrs Plaza ND
Paulson Martin Mabel MN
Paulson Melvin N Argyle WI
Paulson Milla Northwood IA
Paulson Ole P Blanchardville WI
Paulson P, Mrs Northwood IA
Paulson Peter T, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Paulson Peter, Mr & Mrs Mayville ND
Paulson Peter, Mrs Moorhead MN
Pederson Albert Alden WI
Pederson Andrew Colfax WI
Pederson Andrew & Helga Fertile MN
Pederson Charles New Richmond WI
Pederson Christine  Pelican Rapids MN
Pederson Clarence St Paul MN
Pederson Engel M Greenbush  MN
Pederson Erik South Range WI
Pederson Gilbert Jasper MN
Pederson Gulbrand Jasper MN
Pederson Halvor Lake Park MN
Pederson Hans Grand Forks ND
Pederson Hans Kulpen Deer Park WI
Pederson Hans Perhus Grand Forks ND
Pederson Helga Colfax WI
Pederson Herman, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Pederson Ingert J, Mr & Mrs Edina, Minneapolis MN
Pederson Iver Kaashagen Deronda WI
Pederson James L, Mr & Mrs Stillwater MN
Pederson Lars Amery WI
Pederson Louis New Richmond WI
Pederson Magnus, Mr & Mrs Erhard MN
Pederson Melvin Hudson WI
Pederson Mick Barronett WI
Pederson Nils Star Prairie Wi
Pederson Ole Hazel MN
Pederson Ole, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Pederson Peder Marengo, Saskatchewan Canada
Pederson Peter Alden WI
Pederson Simon, Mr & Mrs Gary MN
Pederson Stanley St Paul MN
Pederson T M Montevideo MN
Peterson Andrene, Mrs Blanchardville WI
Peterson Christie Fertile MN
Peterson G M Fertile MN
Peterson Harry, Mr & Mrs Kempton ND
Peterson Henry K Postville IA
Peterson Henry, Mr & Mrs Kempton ND
Peterson Johan Northwood ND
Peterson Johanna Northwood ND
Peterson John R, Mrs Spring Grove MN
Peterson Julius New Richmond WI
Peterson Knut, Mrs Blanchardville WI
Peterson Krist K Joice, IA Blanchardville WI
Peterson M T Minot ND
Peterson Magnus  Amery WI
Peterson Magnus, Mr & Mrs Erhard MN
Peterson Martin G Fertile MN
Peterson Nels Star Prairie WI
Peterson Nels Grine Maple Hill MN
Peterson Orluf, Mrs Bowbells ND
Peterson Peter H Fertile MN
Peterson Russell & Alice Amery WI
Peterson Ruth Emmett ID
Peterson S O, Mrs New Ulm MN
Peterson Tilda Minot, Donnybrook ND
Peterson Tilman Kempton ND
Petterson C A Lenox SD
Petterson Carl Johan Minneapolis MN
Petterson M G Fertile MN
Petterson Ole Hazel MN
Phillipson Christian L Argyle WI
Plafstad Jacob, Mrs Storden MN
Pluvieden Gustav Minot ND
Pool Dorothy (Mrs. R L) Edina  MN
Possehl Irene Mattson South Sioux City NB
Prestegaard Louis, Mr & Mrs Twin Valley MN
Presthvern Christian I Argyle WI
Prestmark Albert Decorah IA
Prestmark H A Decorah IA
Prestmark Henry M Detroit Lakes MN
Probst Fred, Mr & Mrs Monroe WI
Quam Connie Sorby Plaza ND
Quam Corinne, Mrs Plaza ND
Quamme John Pelican Rapids MN
Quanerud H L, Mr & Mrs Lanesborough MN
Quanerud M Taylor ND
Quanerud Ole L, Mrs Buxton, Northwood ND
Quanrud O S, Mrs Bismarck ND
Quanrud Oli, Mrs Buxton ND

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