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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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Last Name First Name City State
Raekstad H P Adams ND
Ragnildrud Anders  New Richmond WI
Rainfield Nels, Mrs Canton IA
Rakenrud Halvor H New Richmond WI
Rakenrud Halvor L Rothsay MN
Rakenrud Peter Barnesville MN
Rakstad Gulbrand N Vining MN
Rakstad Hans P, Mr. & Mrs Adams, Starkweather ND
Rakstad Hulda Henning MN
Rand Lois Minneapolis MN
Rande Kjersti Dazey ND
Ranson Ralph, Mr & Mrs Ottumwa IA
Rasmussen Richard & Ragna Chetek WI
Raste Iver S Garretson SD
Rasti B J Sacred Heart     MN
Rasti Ole G Sacred Heart     MN
Raw Carl A(Karl)Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Raw Carrie Pelican Rapids MN
Raw Edvard, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Raw Howard Rothsay MN
Redmond Mildred L Lanesboro MN
Redstad Hulda G Henning MN
Reiersgord Bertha  Crookston MN
Reiersgord Thomas E Minneapolis MN
Reiten Marie O Sacred Heart     MN
Rekstad Annie  Montevideo MN
Rekstad Annie Sykal Willow Lake  SD
Rekstad Carl Willow Lake SD
Rekstad Edwin  Montevideo MN
Rekstad Erik, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Rekstad Hans A, Mr & Mrs Willow Lake, Melham SD
Rekstad Hans, Mr & Mrs Starkweather ND
Rekstad Ole Montevideo MN
Rekstad Olga  Montevideo MN
Rekstad Owin Montevideo MN
Renfjeld Gina Canton SD
Renfjeld M, Mrs Canton SD
Resendahl Alice Kloten ND
Resendahl Grace  Kloten ND
Resendahl Pete, Mr & Mrs Kloten ND
Resset Ole Pelican Rapids MN
Restad Anton Montevideo MN
Restad H P Adams ND
Retterson Andrias C, Mrs Milan MN
Rickstad Jeanette Marian Montevideo MN
Rigstad Anton Montevideo MN
Ringdahl P, Mrs Sharon ND
Ringdahl W Minot ND
Ringen Ole, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA, Red Wing MN
Rinka June West Allis WI
Risendal Ole Stillwater MN
Risendal Peter, Mr & Mrs Kloten ND
Riste N, Mrs Decorah IA
Roah A K Dalton MN
Robb Diane Blanchardville WI
Robertsdahl Eddie Walcott ND
Robertsdal Andrine, Mrs Christine ND
Robinson Ruth San Diego CA
Rockstad Edward (Eric?) Montevideo MN
Rockstad Gulbrand N Vining MN
Rockstad H P Adams ND
Rocksvold A E Litchville ND
Rockswold E Palmer & Betty Lou Clitherall, Eagan MN
Rockswold Gaylan, Dr & Mrs Golden Valley MN
Rockswold Lewis & Ethel Valley City ND
Roden Olaf White Earth ND
Roe G G Canton SD
Roe Laurene S Bloomington MN
Roe M Nelson Canton SD
Rogen John J Waukon IA
Rogne B J, Mrs Kindred ND
Rogne Leslie Kindred ND
Rogneby Marius M, Mr & Mrs Berthold, Ryder ND
Rognstad George Hunter ND, Fulton SD
Rognstad Guttorm O Fulton SD
Rognstad Ole Iverson Clarkfield MN
Roken Andrew J Volga SD
Roknes Halvor, Mrs Hadler MN
Roksvold Peder E Litchville ND
Ronnerud Augustine, Mr & Mrs South Wayne WI
Ronnigen O, Mrs Rothsay MN
Ronning James & Esther Rochester MN
Roof Frank, Mrs Moorhead MN
Root R A, Mrs Charles City IA
Rosaasen H H Sacred Heart     MN
Roseland Janna Minneapolis MN
Rosendahl Amund Minneapolis MN
Rosendahl Andrew A Stillwater MN
Rosendahl Christian Grafton ND
Rosendahl Elvern P, Mr & Mrs Heimdal ND
Rosendahl Frederick, Dr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Rosendahl Georgia M Spring Grove MN
Rosendahl Ida Maddock ND
Rosendahl Nils Montevideo MN
Rosendahl Peder Kloten ND
Rosendahl Robert H Decorah IA
Rossing T A, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA
Rossum A E Hudson SD, Minneapolis MN
Rossum Anders O Seven Persons, Alberta Canada
Rossum Ben Andresen, Mrs Hills MN
Rossum E Minneapolis MN
Rossum E E Hudson SD
Rossum Emma Canton SD
Rossum Iver Randall MN
Rossum Maren, Mrs Hills MN
Rossum R G Crystal ND
Rossum Theodore, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Rostad Lucas Milltown WI
Rostad Magnhild W Minneapolis MN
Roste Jewel Willmar MN
Rosum Gudbrand N Crystal ND
Rosum H Rasaasen Sacred Heart     MN
Rothman Alice Hollandale WI
Rowe Julius H Canton SD
Rowe (Raa) Kaare (Karl),Mr&Mrs Rothsay MN
Rowland E T Ulen MN
Rud C Hickson ND
Rud Hans, Mr & Mrs Dalton MN
Rud Lars Montevideo MN
Rud Leslie, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Rud Martin H Hickson ND
Rud S, Mrs Hickson ND
Rud (Ruud) P H Northwood ND
Rudd Della Moorhead MN
Rudd Lloyd, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN
Rude P E Lawndale, Rothsay MN
Ruden(Roden) Olaf White Earth ND
Rudh A K Dalton MN
Rudh Adeline H Rothsay MN
Rudh Martin Hickson ND
Ruehn Lucille Madison SD
Ruen Albert, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA
Ruen Helmer C Wild Rose ND
Ruen Henry Oscian IA
Ruen Howard, Mr & Mrs Lanesboro MN
Ruen Marie Waukon IA
Ruen Stella Waukon IA
Ruen Theodore, Mr & Mrs Decorah IA
Ruen Victor Decorah IA
Rugroden Christian, Mr & Mrs St Croix Falls WI
Rule John, Mrs Bismarck ND
Runden Anton G Hayward MN
Runden Gulbrand T Hayward MN
Runden John(Johan)G,Mr&Mrs Hayward MN
Runden Olaf White Earth ND
Runden T G Hayward MN
Runfjeld M, Mrs Canton SD
Running M J, Mrs Mt Vernon WA
Rustad C Dale MN
Rustad Chris Northwood, Aneta ND
Rustad J O Whalan MN
Rustad P A Lanesboro MN
Ruud A G Northwood ND
Ruud C N Blanchardville WI
Ruud Paul H Northwood ND
Ruud (Rud) Martin Hickson ND
Ryen B W, Mrs Grand Forks ND
Ryen Hans C, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN, Northwood ND
Ryen Helmer C Wild Rose ND
Ryen Ivar Northwood ND
Ryen Karen Moorhead MN
Ryen Marius  Northwood ND

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