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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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Last Name First Name City State
Tallakson Alfred T Argyle WI
Tandberg Amanda Northwood ND
Tandberg Hans Erickson Northwood ND
Tanson Olaf Velva ND
Tastad Janice Marie Rolette ND
Tellefson Ralph, Mrs Kissimee FL
Tenhuman Helen Brookston MN
Teslov Fred H Minneapolis MN
Teslov Mikkel A Haywood MN
Teslow Bjorn H, Mr & Mrs Sioux Falls SD
Teslow Hans A Decorah IA
Thangerud Amund & Rikka Kindred ND
Thingelstad Edvin Decorah IA
Thingelstad Enoch Northwood ND
Thingelstad Halvor, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Thingelstad J P Northwood ND
Thingelstad O A, Prof. Decorah IA, Park Land WA
Thingelstad Ole H Northwood ND
Thingelstad Oliver, Mr & Mrs Northwood ND
Thoen H, Mrs Hammond, New Richmond WI
Thompson Albert, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Thompson Andrew Dawson MN
Thompson Annie Hendrum MN
Thompson E A Boyd MN
Thompson Ed A Blanchardville WI
Thompson Edwin Alden WI
Thompson Emil Pelican Rapids MN
Thompson J A, Mrs Clatskanie, Ranier OR
Thompson Paul Canton SD
Thompson Peter Amery, New Richmond WI
Thompson T A Boyd MN
Thompson Thomas (Tom) Blanchardville WI
Thomsen Ernest, Mr & Mrs White Bear Lake MN
Thoni Fred, Rev. & Kari Mindora WI
Thoreson Allen R, Rev & Mrs Altoona IA, Brookings SD
Thorgrimson John, Mr & Mrs Velva ND
Thorson Robert B, Mr & Mrs Wyoming MN
Thorsrud M M Callender IA
Thorstaidt Martha St Hillaire MN
Thorsvet Halvor, Mr & Mrs Hazel MN
Thygeson Marie Waterville WI
Tingelstad Anna Sorum Northwood ND
Tingelstad Helmer Highmore SD
Tingelstad Martin, Mr & Mrs    
Tingelstad Merle Fridley MN
Tingelstad Oscar Adolph Decorah IA
Tingelstad P N Highmore SD
Tingelstad Pauline Pelican Rapids MN
Tinstad Aksel Osage IA
Tisdel Thomas, Mr & Mrs Elko MN
Tobiasen Inger McVille ND
Tollefson Carrie Grand Forks ND
Tollefson Erik Willow Lake SD
Tollefson Pedder Star Prairie WI
Torgerson Knuta Hudson WI
Torgerson Ole, Mr & Mrs Sioux City IA,Pelican Rpds MN
Torgerson Per (Pete) Walcott ND
Torgerson Sophie Elnes Duluth MN
Torgeson Marie Waterville IA, Hudson WI
Torgrimson I H & Viola Fertile MN
Torgrimson Ole, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Torstenson Tilla Fargo ND
Torstvedt J H, Mr & Mrs Thief River Falls MN
Toso C A, Mr & Mrs Esmond ND
Toso Christ Erhard, Pelican Rapids MN
Toso Iver Esmond ND
Toso Jens H Pelican Rapids MN
Toso Nels  Esmond ND
Toso Ole Pelican Rapids MN
Traney Oscar Berthold, Plaza ND
Trangerud Rikka, Mrs Kindred ND
Trangerud Ruth Kindred, Minot ND
Tranley Oscar Plaza ND
Transrud Karl B Hamburg ND
Tryhus Hilmer Kindred ND
Tryhus John & Annie Kindred ND
Tuff Bernard, Mrs Hills MN
Tuff Gilbert, Mrs Hills MN
Tufte Emma Northwood ND
Tufte Hans, Mrs Northwood ND
Tweden Adolph, Mr & Mrs Heimdal ND

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