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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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Last Name First Name City State
Ulsrud O B Columbus ND
Ulven Andrew Dale MN
Ulven H J Dale MN
Ulverud Halvor Storden MN
Ulvik H I, Mr & Mrs Aneta ND, Englewood NJ
Ulvik Martha Grymyr Aneta ND
Undhjem Hilda Park River ND
Valler Anthony Velva ND
Vamstad Ole B Blanchardville WI
Vane Floie M Cliffside Park NJ
Vangness Emma Moorhead MN
Velo Hanna Pelican Rapids MN
Velo Lars Pelican Rapids MN
Venaas Oline Minot ND
Vestern John P Clarkfield MN
Viegen Antone Red Lake Falls MN
Vigen A T Kindred ND
Vigen Anatone Pelican Rapids MN
Vigen Anton Columbus ND
Vigen E Theron Lake Park MN
Vigen Theodore  Columbus ND
Vinge Helen, Mrs Clifford ND
Vinge Lyla Hollandale WI
Vinger A G Blanchardville WI
Vinger Anna Edgerton WI
Vinger Kristian G Blanchardville WI
Voien H L Sioux City   IA
Volken Albert, Mr & Mrs Plaza ND
Vorland Louise Hardy IA
Voyan Gilbert Canton SD
Waagedahl Elling & Martha Holt MN
Wahl John York ND
Wahl Palmer A, Rev & Mrs Deforest WI
Wahl Peter Menomonie WI
Walby Christ A, Mr & Mrs Deer Park, Clear Lake WI
Walby Einer K Hudson WI
Walby Halvor K Vienna SD, Minneapolis MN
Walby Kari Vienna SD
Walby Lars Vienna  SD
Walby Thomas, Mr & Mrs Hudson WI
Wallum Henry Canton SD
Walsvik Ida Northwood ND
Walters Mary Valley City ND
Wamstad A T Minneapolis MN
Wamstad Anders, Mr & Mrs Osage IA, Montevideo MN
Wamstad Brede Osage IA, Blanchardville WI
Wamstad Carl T St Paul MN
Wamstad Della Osage IA
Wamstad Eugene & Ruth Nora Springs IA
Wamstad G, Mrs Calmar IA
Wamstad Ingeborg Andrea Osage IA
Wamstad Katherine Osage IA
Wamstad L H Sheldon, Miscoda WI
Wamstad L H Nora Springs, Calmer IA
Wamstad L H Blanchardville WI
Wamstad Lars T, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Wamstad Lina (Lena) Blanchardville WI
Wamstad Nellie, Mrs Blanchardville WI
Wamstad Ole B, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Wang Bonnie C Monroe WI
Wang L A Sioux City IA
Wang Signe Borstad Milltown WI
Wangen Nils Borstad Heardmore,Heron Bak Sask Canada
Wangerud Kjersti Davenport ND, Moorhead MN
Wangnes Thomas Luck WI
Wangsness Emma (Mrs Otto) Fargo ND, Moorhead MN
Wangsness Gudbrand K Appleton MN
Waterud Christian Northwood ND
Watrud Even A Blanchardville WI
Watrud Iver Blanchardville WI
Watrud Martin Blanchardville WI
Wattens Mary Valley City ND
Watterud Anton, Mr & Mrs Esmond, Larson ND
Watterud J Esmond ND
Watterud Melvin & Martha Columbus ND
Watterud Theodore, Mrs Esmond ND
Wattum Henry Canton SD
Wattum Paul Canton SD
Wattum Thorsten Osage IA
Weckerly J W & Katherine Albuquerque NM
Weckerly Philip & Katherine Marblemount WA
Wein Gilbert, Mr & Mrs Wahpeton ND
Wela Anders E (Andrew) Milton ND
Wellsand Alice Brookston MN
Wellsand Barney Brookston MN
Wellsand Eleanor Brookston MN
Wellsand Erick Duluth, Brookston MN
Welo Anna Pelican Rapids MN
Welo Gulinda Becida MN
Welo Hans Hatton ND
Welo Martin, Mr & Mrs Crosby ND
Welo Ole H, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Welo Paul Hatton ND
Welo T Velva ND
Welo Thomas, Mrs. Minton ND
Welsland George Brookston MN
Wenaas Ileen Minot ND
Werstad Christian Sioux Falls SD
Westby Christine Decorah IA
Westby G, Mrs Decorah IA
Western Andrine, Mrs Rothsay MN
Western Arthur Rothsay MN
Western Erik Trulson Stanley WI
Western Iver, Mr & Mrs High River, Alberta Canada
Western John P Clarkfield MN
Westrom Otto Clearbrook MN
Wiberg Dennis, Mr & Mrs Anoka MN
Wien Erick Hansen Wyndmere, Ambrose ND
Wien Erik Colfax ND
Wien Inga Fargo ND
Wien Peder Dwight ND
Wigdahl Anton Nashua MT, Rothsay MN
Williams G H, Mrs Osage IA
Wilson Wilfred & Margaret Red Wing MN
Winden A A Northwood ND
Winden Hans P Blanchardville WI
Winden Lloyd, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Winger Annie Edgerton WI
Wirstad Christian W Corson, Sioux Falls SD
Woken Albert, Mr & Mrs Plaza, Berthold ND
Woken Christine Plaza ND
Wold Jonas Minot ND
Wold Marie McLeod ND
Wolstad Theodore Sacred Heart     MN
Wood Alma Dodson MT
Wood Lois Dodson MT
Woodword Clay & Avis Darlington WI
Young Laura Salol MN
Zack M F, Mrs Mason City IA


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