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            1921 Yearbook Translations


Along with translating the information from Norwegian to English, biographies are presented in a standardized format.

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1921 Yearbook – Page 5


5-1 Erik Anderson                    New Richmond WI    

Name changed from Erik A. Næsbakken. Born on Næsbakken,  Brandbu, Hadeland on January 27, 1862. Emigration: 1883, landing in Philadelphia  Residences: New Richmond, WI for 25 years; Amery Wisconsin for 3 years. Occupation: Laborer  Parents: Anders Johnsen Ellefsrud (died November 7, 1883) and Berte Andersdatter Næsbakken (born 1827, died August 4, 1910)


5-2 John G Anderson              Plymouth Iowa : RFD 1, Box 13     

Name changed from Johan Guttormsen. Born in Gran June 16, 1859  Emigration: Spring 1874. Residence: Mitchell County, IA. Occupation: Farmer. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church.   Married Karen G. Liaker on March 6, 1885. Children: Gustav, 27; Gina Lovise, deceased; Julius, 22; Lise 19; Anders, 17; all born in Mitchell County. Parents: Guttorm Andersen (born in Gran, died in America Feb. 9, 1904) and Johanne Gulbrandsdatter Saug (born in Gran, died in America August 14, 1906). Siblings: Christ Anderson, Buffalo Center IA; Randi Halvorson, Buffalo Center IA; Mrs. John Olson, Osage IA. Paternal Grandparents: Anders Saug and Wife. Maternal Grandparents: Gulbrand Ulverud and Rønne Jakobsdtr.   Father’s siblings: Christen & Nils Skjervem Braaten & Mari Bakken, all deceased.


5-3 Peder A. Anderson            Hudson SD

                                                      Born: May 19, 1844 on Dokkebrätten or Sørum in southwest Gran.  Emigration: on the “Christiania” June 18 1867, landing in Quebec September 27. Residences: Lafayette County WI, Sioux County IA, Hudson SD Occupation: Farmer Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. Married Christine Olsen Dalen in April, 1875.  Children: Clara Regina Heier, April 9, 1875; Oscar Edward Anderson, March 1, 1877; Amanda Othelia Gilman, March 24, 1879; Casper Melvin Anderson, February 11, 1881; Sørine Pauline Anderson, March 21, 1883; Elmer Cornelius Anderson, July 28, 1889; Thea Antoinette Anderson, December 21, 1890. All born in Sioux County, Iowa. Parents: Anders Abrahamsen … (born) March 10, 1804 and Rønnaug Thoresdrtr, born on Sørum in Gran August 12, 1811.  Siblings: Thor Anderson, Hudson SD, born August 27, 1839; Abraham Anderson, Hudson SD, born August 27, 1841; Kjersti Andersdtr, Flaxton ND, born June 4, 1848.



1921 Yearbook  Page 6


6-1 Jens T. Alm                         Mayville ND

                                                      Born September 12, 1887 in Brandbu. Emigration: April 20, 1905 on “Hellig Olaf”, landing in New York May 1st.  Residences: Sheyenne ND, 1910; since then Mayville ND. Occupation: Banker.  Married January 1, 1914 to Corrine Inga Elken.  Parents: Farmer Iver J Alm, born on “Majors Alm” in Hadeland, the Skaug farm, Gran and Anne Eriksdtr. Siblings: Kirsti married Anders Grini;  Lærer, Gran; Ingebjørg, Thorstein, Tron and Gulbrand all on Skaug in Gran. Paternal grandparents: Jens Alm and Kirsti Alm on “Majors Alm”.  Maternal grandparents: Erik and Ingeborg Molstad, Tingelstad. 


6-2 O J Augedahl                      Davenport ND

                                                      Born on Kjølvegen in Brandbu. Emigration: With parents in 1867.  Residences: Spring Grove, Houston County MN; Freeborn County MN; Davenport ND since 1879. Occupation: Businessman 

6-3 Halvor Anderson               Christine  ND

                                                      Born on Høgbroten, Lunner, Hadeland on September 1, 1862. Emigration: With parents in 1871 aboard “Munchen” landing in Quebec on June 1.  Residences: Spring Grove MN, 2 years; Winona County MN, 1 year; Pickwick Valley, 4 years; in North Dakota since 1877.  Occupation: Farmer. Church affiliation: Norwegian Synod. Married Kaia P Kortgard on June 11, 1884.  Children: Carl Rudolf, 1885; Hilma Mathilda, born 1886, died 1887; Hilma Mathilda, 1888; Palmer Belvin,1892; Philip Morris, 1894; Harry Leonard, 1896; Arthur Gilman, 1899; Cornelia Ruth, 1902; Nina Pearl, 1904; Therese Rosella, 1907.  Parents: Christopher Anderson Lunderbakken, Lunner, Hadeland and Randi Christiansdatter. Siblings: Mrs. A G Steelhammer, Silverton OR; Mrs. John Haugh, died 1912 in Camrose, Canada; Mrs. Ole G. Foss, Walcott ND; Anton Anderson, Comstock MN; Jørgen Anderson, Mayville ND. Paternal grandparents: Anders Lunderbakken and (?).  Father’s brothers: Tron Anderson, Lac qui Parle County MN, deceased; Hans Ostenmarken, tailor, Hadeland; Per Anderson, Montevideo MN  


6-4 Erik O Alm                            Morrison County MN

                                                       Name changed from Erik Badstua Almseie. Born April 3, 1859 on Dvergsteneie.  Emigration: With family June 8, 1893 on the steamship “Island”, Tingvalla Line, arriving in New York on June 23.  Residences: Watson MN, 6 years; Randall, MN Occupation: Railroad Worker, Farmer.  Married Lisa Mathea Martinson (born on  Dyrueie, West Toten) December 24, 1863.  Children: Hilda, September 5, 1885; Ole, December 8, 1887; Martin, May 12, 1890; Johanne, December 15, 1893; Edwin, February 29, 1896; Lena, February 9, 1902; Henry, 1904; Alice, October 25, 1906; and 3 who died as  infants/children. Parents: Ole Erikson (born 1829 on Solbergeie and died in Chippewa County MN 1915) and Johanne  Hansdatter (born 1832 on Dvergstenhagen and died 1896).  Siblings: Randi, married Even Svenrud, Morrison County MN; Marie, married John Moe, Montevideo MN; Hans, married Anne Kanten, Binford ND; Marthea married Erik Rekstad (Braaten), Chippewa County MN; Oline, married John Olson, Morrison County MN; Johanne, married Henry Paulsrud, New England, Hettinger County, ND. Paternal grandparents: Erik Eriksen from Valders and Ragnhild Olsdatter, Raasbraaten.  Maternal grandparents: Hans Pederson Lønthul and Marte Johansdatter Dverstenhagen. 


1921 Yearbook – Page 7


7-1 Hans O. Alm                        Binford ND

Born on Dvergsten-Brenna on September 7, 1864.  Grew up on Pladsen Badstua owned by the Alm farm.

                                                      Emigration: May 7, 1885 arriving in Watson MN on June 2. Residences: Watson until 1903, moved to ND – first McHenry County for 2 ½ years, then settled in Binford. Occupation: Master painter.  Married Anne Iverson Kanten on May 30, 1890.  Children: 11 born and ages are as follows (in 1920): Iver Herman 28; Oscar Alfred, 27; Julia Emilie, 19; Alice Eleonora, 17; Helen Margaret, 14; Arthur Gilman, 10; and Ruby Mildred, 6.  Four other children were dead as of 1920.  Parents: Ole Eriksen and Johanna Hansdatter.


7-2 Bernt Anderson                 Churches Ferry ND

                                                      Born in Jevnaker, Hadeland on December 22, 1861.  Emigration: 1880, through New York.  Residences: Norwegian Grove, Ottertail County MN since the spring of 1880, moving to Ramsey County (ND) in 1883. Occupation: Farmer.  Member of the ND legislature 1906-1912; held other official offices.  Church:The Norwegian Synod.  Children: 8 boys and 2 girls.  Parents: Anders Erikson (born in Land in 1818, died in 1901 in Ramsey County ND)  and Fredrike Stenrud, (born 1823 in Hadeland and died in Ottertail County MN in 1884).


7-3 Lars Blegan                        Hudson, WI

                                                      Born March 17, 1862 on Blegen, Brandbu. Emigration: May 5, 1884 aboard “Australic” landing in New York on May 28.  Residences: New Richmond Wi, 1 ½ years; ½ year in Ironwood MI; the rest of the time in Hudson WI.

                                                      Occupation: Construction carpentere and distributor of materials for the repair of railroad cars, etc. in the Omaha Railroad repair shop in Hudson from 1888 to April 1908; bookkeeper for “St. Croix County’s Cooperative Company Store” in Hudson from August 1908 until August 1, 1911, named by Governor McGovern since 1911 as “Deputy Oil Inspector for District No. 23” in Wisconsin; since 1914 member of the local schoolboard. Church: Unitarian Church. Schooling: Public elementary, junior and senior high schools (in Norway). Married  October 19, 1895 to Josephine Emilie Kolstad at the Askim parsonage in Østfold County. Children: Constance Helene, born October 17, 1903 in Hudson.  Parents: Anders Olson Blegen( farmer, born January 31, 1829 on North Blegen, Brandbu)and Kari Larsdater Blegen (born on Blegen in 1833). Siblings: Ole A. Blegen, 209 N Ditman Street, Los Angeles, CA; Anton A. Bleken, Bleiken Station, Norway. Half-brothers: Carl A Bleken, Julius A. Bleken, Bleiken Station, Norway.Paternal Grandparents: Ole Anderson Blegen and Gulbjør Anderson Blegen. Maternal Grandparents: Lars Madsen Blegen and Anne Larsdatter.   Memberships: One of the founders of Hjelpeforeningen Norden (the Norwegian Assistance Association) in Hudson on September 1, 1886. The Unitarian Congregation in 1889, of the “Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Independent Order of Good Templars,” Sons of Norway, Scandinavian-American Fraternity, Hudson Ski Club of the Hadeland Lag. Together with two others, named by President Walby to delivery the Hadeland Mindegave (memorial gift) to Hadeland in 1914.


1921 Yearbook   Page 8



8-1 Peder Bartleson                 Forest City, Iowa: Winnebago County-R. 3, Box 47

                                                      From Jevnaker.  Born June 19, 1844 on Skøienmarko, Lunner, Jevnaker.  Emigration: Landed in Quebec on May 28, 1870. Residences: First, 4 years in Postville, Allamakee County; next 9 years in Mitchell County, since then in Winnebago County. Occupation: Blacksmith. Married Marte Olsdatter from Aail in Gran on February 21, 1881. She died in 1912.  Children: 5 boys and 3 girls, 1 girl deceased.  Parents: Bertel Knudgsen and Kjersti Pedersdatter. Paternal Grandparents: Knud Christofferson and Gulbjør Bertelsdtr, Kalvajø. Maternal Grandparents: Peder Pedersen and Kari Olsdatter Rustad, Flaten.


8-2 Karoline Bartleson            Forest City, Iowa

                                                      Born on Kjørvenvohlen in Lunner on January 5, 1874. Emigration: March 15, 1895 aboard “Javania” landing in Boston on April 1.  Residences: Forest City, Iowa. Church:The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. Married in 1895 to Gustav Bartlesen. Children: Ida Kristine, 16; Carl Anton, 15; Clara Fredrikke, 13; Georg Barthel, 10; Harald Otto, 8; Ethel Marie, 6; Helga Cecilie, 4; Olga Margrete, 2.  Parents: Schoolteacher Kristian Olsen Kjørvenhagen and Kari Hansen Molstad. Siblings: Hans Wold, Grina Station; Konrad, Sigvard, Otto and Georg Wold, Lunner Station. Thora Iversen Kongelt, Lunner Station. Paternal Grandparents: Ole Kjørvenhagen and Fredrikke Bisgaard. Father’s siblings: Torsten and Anders Melrud, Norway, both deceased; Else, lives in Minnesota.  Maternal Grandparents: Hans Paulsen Bjøralt and Karen Pedersdtr.   Mother’s siblings: Paul Hansen Engen, Lunner; Peter Hansen, Ransfjorden; Edvard Hansen, Kissefos.


8-3 Syver E Bjerke                   Northwood, ND

                                                      From Gran. Original name: Syver E. Narverud, from a farm owned by Hvamstad. Born on August 16, 1862.  Emigration: May 7, 1880. Residences: Until 1882, Brown County MN; until 1884 Trail County ND; since then Grand Forks County ND.  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church.   Married Ingeborg Pedersdatter Grina (born June 7, 1876 in Ottertail County MN) on June 1 1895. Children: Edvin, 18; Mina, 16; Stella, 9; Bertine, 7; Peder, 5; Mathilda, 3; Alek, 1. Parents: Erik Erikson (born on Bjørtomt in Skrukkelien in 1817, emigrated to America in 1880 and died in Trail County ND October 1, 1907) and Berte Maria P Lundberg( born 1825).  Siblings: Farmer Peder E. Bjerke, Fosston MN; Farmer Ole E. Bjerke, Hatton ND; Farmer Louis E. Bjerke, Hatton ND; Farmer Edvard E. Bjerke, Hatton ND; Anne Vinløss, Sharon, ND; Mathe Lien, Blaisdell, ND.


8-4 Amund Brandon                Glenham SD

                                                      Born January 8, 1849 in Tingelstad, Gran, Hadeland.  Emigration: 1866 aboard sailing ship “Nymphen”, arriving in McGregor Iowa on June 28.  Residences: Fayette County, IA, 9 years; Lincoln County in 1869 and then Campbell County SD.  Occupation: Farmer, Justice of the Peace and School Board for many years. Church: Lutheran. Married on October 17, 1876 to Andriana Pedersen from Kristiania Norway, born November 17 1852, died March 28, 1919.  Children: Palmer E, September 13, 1877; Joseph M., August 21, 1881;Peder, died February 13, 1883; Luella, August 14, 1886; Maud E, August 14, 1889; Selma A., April 12, 1891; Rudolf E., May 28, 1893.  Parents: Father was born on Husa farm on Hilden.  Mother Mary Haldorsdatter was born on Lunner farm. He experienced all the possible hardships which a pioneer in South Dakota could have had.

1921 Yearbook   Page 9


9-1 Olaus Bjerke                       Litchville ND, RFD, Box 3

                                                      Name changed from Olaus Engerodegaarden. From Jevnaker, born March 2, 1851 on Haugen, Jevnaker.  Emigration: 1871 on sailing ship “Concordia” landing in Quebec on May 24, 1871.  Residences: 2 years in Norway Lake, 8 years in Meeker County MN, and have since lived in ND.  Occupation: Schooltreasurer, Litchville Township Assessor, Town treasurer. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church.  Married Inger Gurine Jenson on January 12, 1873.  Children: Johan Alfred, 38, born in Meeker County; Hanna Karoline 29, born in Meeker County; Thea Othilie, 27 born in Barnes County ND.   


9-2 Oluf Larson Bjorgesæter Hollandale WI

                                                      Born July 10, 1868 in Moscow, WI.  Parents emigrated in 1853 aboard “Godt Haab” and landed in Quebec in July.  Residences: Argyle WI 2 years, lived in the town of Moscow WI.  Occupation: Farmer.  Member of the Lutheran church in Perry.  Parents: Lars Skjerven (born in Hadeland, died in Moscow WI, 1897; a soldier stationed in Schleswig-Holstein in 1848. Took part for 3 years as an and Karen Hansdatter, Bjørgsæter (born 1821).  Siblings:  Mrs. Anne Lockwood, Dane Station WI; Mrs. Eli Schoyen, Austin MN; Elisabeth Bjorgsæter.  Maternal Grandparents: Grandfather died in America in 1870, Grandmother died on the “Godt Haab” on the journey to America in 1853.  Born on Fallang in Gran.  Father’s sisters: Else, married Ole Mælum; Kari, married Gudbrand Mælum; Anne, married Johan Slovigen. All from Hadeland, Norway. 


9-3 Henry Brandon                  Canton SD

                                                      Name changed from Haldor Pedersen Brenden. Born September 29, 1851 on Brenden in Gran.  Emigration: April 1866 aboard “Nymphen”,  arrived in Clayton County Iowa on June 24.  Residences: Clayton County, 1 year; Winnishiek County IA,  2 years; since 1869 Lincoln County, SD.  Occupation: Farmer. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Parents: Peder Amundsen Husa (born November 18, 1813) married Marie Haldorsdatter Lunder (June 20, 1823-June 24 1900) in 1840.  He was first for 4 years in Heggen (Moen) but then bought Brenden, where he lived until he emigrated in 1866.. Siblings: Amund Branden, Teslo SD; Mrs. P J Egge, Sioux Falls SD; Mrs. John Evanson, Canton SD; Mrs. Anders Jorgenson, Mitchell County SD; Mrs. G. Skartvedt, Canton SD (deceased); Mrs. J. A. Hanson, Mound City SD.  All from Hadeland except Mr. Skartvedt who came from Stavanger.  Maternal Grandparents: Haldor Throndsen Lunder and his wife, they were from Hvaleby and were part of the old Haagen place.


9-4 Ole Bratvold                        Maddock ND

                                                      Name changed from Ole H. Bratvoldseie. Born on Vangseie, Jevnaker on May 25, 1850 and left in 1883.  Residences: Walnut Grove  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: Hauge Synod of the Lutheran Church


1921 Yearbook  Page 10


10-1 G C Bjone                          Litchville SD

                                                      From Bjone in Bjoneroen, Hadeland.  Born August 6, 1862  Emigration: 1882 and landed in Boston in July   Occupation: Farmer.  Church: Member: Free Lutheran Church. Married Abeline S. Engelstad in 1890.  Parents: Christen M. Bjone, farmer on Bjone in Bjoneroen and Kjirsti S. Sørum of West SørumSiblings: Mons Simen, Lars Anders, Hans, Siri, Randi and Marte. Paternal grandparents: Mons Ch. And Siri M. Bjone. Father’s siblings: Mons Monsen, Søndre Bjone; Lars Monsen, Haug in Bjoneroen; Anne M. Bjone, West Sørum; Syverine M. Bjone, Lunde in Aadalen; Marie M. Bjone, Marte M. Bjone, Gagnom, Ringerike.  Maternal Grandparents: Simen H. and Ragnhild S. Sørum. 


10-2 Gulbrand Hansen Bolken      Hatton ND

                                                      Born December 16, 1863 on Bolken, West Lunner, Hadeland.  Emigration: Abord “Sømand” in 1881, landing in Philadelphia PA in 1885, after working at sea a few years. Residences: 2 years in ND, 12 years In Norway, 17 years in ND.  Occupation: Treasurer at Farmers & Merchants National Bank, Hatton ND Military service: Served his obligation in the Norwegian navy in 1891. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church.  School: School: Graduated from Ringerikes Middleschool in 1881, skipper examination in Kristiania in 1885, Curtis Business College in Minneapolis, 1888.  Married Rangdi O. Gunstad  Parents: Hans O Bolken (born June 3, 1826 and still alive; owner of the Bolken farm, Ballangrud (Christianslyst) in Lynner and Bjellum in Jevnaker and gave them to his sons Nils, Ole and Ingvald.) and Anne Nilsdatter Bjertness (September 7, 1824-March 25, 1915; born on Bjertness in Jevnaker). Paternal Grandparents: Ole H Bolken and Marthe, both born on the Flatla farm in Lunner, emigrated from Lie in Nittedal around 1650. Father’s sisters: Marthe married Peder P. Hoff; Ingeborg, married Ole E. Daehlin, all from Hadeland.   Maternal Grandparents: Nils Aslaksrud, born in Ringerike in 1796 and  and grew up on Ronerud in Jevnaker where he married a woman with children who was a widow and whose family had moved from lie in Lier around 1750. Organizations: First president of “Ulabrand” Lodge number 89, Sons of Norway in 1908; Tillidsmand I Hovedlogen, Sons of Norway 1912-1914; was with the St Olaf Choir tour to Norway in 1914; was president of the “Kjeruli” men’s choir since its organization in 1908.


10-3 Ingeborg Bakke               Appleton WI

                                                      Born on Østbyeidet, Lunner July 13, 1857.  Emigration: Aboard “Majestic” June 5, 1903.  Residences: Swift County, MN   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married in Kristiania February 8, 1884 to Hans Johansen Bakke (a farmer).  Children: Magda Eugenie, born April 18, 1896; Martha Alvilde, born September 15, 1899, both in Kristiania.  Parents: Husmand Anders Olsen Østby (d. 1867) and Anna Fredriksen Skjervinged (d. 1875).  Siblings: Fredrik Hansen, Emmet ND; Marte Hansdtr, Hakkendalen, Norway; Ole Hansen, Magnor St. Norway; Erik Hansen, Appleton MN; Karen Hansdtr, Boston.


10-4 Ole Borgerson                 Madison SD

                                                      Born September 17, 1847 on Helmeid, Brandbo Tingelstad. Emigration: 1866 on Sailing ship “Nymphen” from Drammen.  After 5 weeks and 2 days of voyage landed in Quebec. Arrived in  Winona MN on July 5th. Residences: Spring Grove, 7 years; since then in Madison SD.  Married January 8, 1875 in Spring Grove MN to Berthe Marja Pederson, born on Hørgen in Gran and emigrated in 1871 on a sailing ship.


1921 Yearbook – Page 11


11-1 Mrs. Rangdi Bolken        Hatton ND

                                                      Born January 14, 1875 on Gunstad in Jevnaker.  Emigration: November 1, 1901 aboard the “Celtic” landing in New York November 19, 1901.  Residences: North Dakota.  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  School: Secondary school. Married G. H. Bolken.   Parents: Ole H. Gunstad (born 1850 on Klæstad, Gran, died December 5, 1901; purchased Gunstad in Jevnaker in 1872) and Sofie Nilsdatter Berger. Siblings: Helge Gunstad; Thron Gunstad; Nils, missionary in Ancud, Chili, South America; Lise, married Johannes Grefftegreff, Jevnaker; Sigrid, married Olaf Grefftegreff, Jevnaker; Borghild, married Ingeniør Olav Elverum, hired by Fosse Division, Kristiania. Paternal Grandparents: Helge and Rangdi Klæstad.  Father’s siblings: Iver,Lieutenant and War Commisioner, living in Trondhjem; Kjersti, married Gulbrand Bjellum of Jevnaker, widowed and later married Ivar Lunde from Vaage in Gubrandsdalen, member of Parliament from Oppland County, now a widow; Hans, living in Hatton, ND.  Maternal Grandparents: Nils and Lise Berge born on Nøkleby in Jevnaker. 


11-2 Erick Anderson Blilie     Christine ND  

                                                      Born October 22, 1856 on the Kjægstad farm in West Gran.  Emigration: with parents in 1871 Residences:  lived in Allamakee County IA until 1876 as a shoemaker; Red River Valley ND as a homesteader.  Occupation: Farming.  Married in 1878 to Karen Theodorsen.  Children: Six sons and 7 daughters.


11-3 Hans H Brelie                   Sacred Heart MN

                                                      Born March 14, 1852 on Brelie, Lynner, Hadeland. Emigration: 9 June 1871on the Allan Line, landing in Quebec and reaching Madison Wisconsin on July 4, 1871.  Residences: Dane County WI, 1 year; Renville County, MN since 1872.  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: Hauge Synod of the Lutheran Church.     Married Gjertrud Johanneson (born near Hadeland Glassworks) on December 1, 1882. Children: Juul H. Brelie (December 25, 1885) born in Renville County. Parents: Brede Hanson Haagenstad and Gjertrud Johanneson, born on Haagenstadeiet.  Siblings: Johannes H. Brelie (d. 1916, Renville County MN); Rangdi, married Elert Erickson Bratlien in Hadeland; Anne married bookbinder Ulness in Kristiania; Marie, married Kristian Kasperson in Kristiania; all deceased.


11-4 Andrew C Bakken           Kempton ND

                                                      (Anders Framstadbakken)  Born July 11, 1860 on Framstadbakken.  Emigration: 1879, reaching Fargo ND on June 26, 1879.  Residences: vND 5 years; Grace Township, Grand Forks County, 36 years.  Occupation: Farmer.  School: Secondary School.  Married Ingeborg Torstensdatter Kjøs (born in Sylling). Children: Alma, Theodor, Bernhard, Kari, Evelyn, Alice, Hawlis, Ruth and Ingeborg.


11-5 John Gilbert Brynsaas   Star Prairie WI - St. Croix County

                                                      Name changed from Johannes Gulbrandsen. Born August 10, 1847 on South Brynsaas, owned by Alm. Emigration: April 1, 1868 on the “Manilla.”  Residences: Green n I, 1868-1873; since then Star Prairie WI.  Occupation: Farmer, painter & plasterer. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Berthe Christensdatter Thingelstad (d. December 23, 1909) on March 25, 1871.  Children: George Gilbert (January 5, 1872); Mary Gilbert (Sept. 5, 1873); Thom Gilbert (May 8, 1875); Bill Gilbert (January 13, 1877); Clara Gilbert (November 13, 1880), Julius Gilbert (July 8, 1882).  Parents: Tailor Gulbrand Olson (deceased) and Thora Johnsdatter Smerud.  Maternal Grandparents: Joe Johnson and Wife.  Mother’s siblings: Gulbrand Johnson Gullahagen; and Anne, married to Hans Andersen, schoolmaster, Neregge.


1921 Yearbook – Page 12


12-1 Peder L Bolken                Pekin ND

                                                      Name changed from Peder Larson Bolkeneie. Born October 28, 1861.  Emigration: 1885, landing December 16th.  Residences: Clermont Iowa, and since 1887 in Nelson County ND. Occupation: Farmer, postmaster and president of the school board.  Church: The Norwegian Synod. Married Gulbjør Paulson on October 15, 1887.  Parents: Cotter Lars Larsen Monkrud. Siblings: Karl Larsen Langaard, Farmer, Lunner Station, Hadeland.  Paternal grandfatherName was Lars. Father’s brothers: Farmer Hans Monkrud and Carpenter Brede Monkrud.

12-2 Edward J Canton            Watson MN

                                                      Name changed from Edward Johannessen Holekanten  Born on Holekanten March 4, 1866.  Emigration: Spring, 1883.  Residences: Watson MN.  Occupation Lumber Worker. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. School: Augustana College, Canton SD.  Married Clara Schiager on September 26, 1885.  Children: Gerda Amanda, 17; Paul Johannes, 15; Edward Simen, 13; Coylo Helene, 10.


12-3 Thomas Canton               St Paul MN  350 3rd Avenue South

                                                      Name changed from Thorstein Holekanten  Born on Holekanten on November 26, 1876.  Emigration: September 16, 1891 landing October 2, 1891.  Residences: Watson MN, 1 year; Beloit  IA, 2 years; Watson MN, 7 years; St Paul MN, 6 years; Fort Sisseton SD, 4 years, and since have lived in St Paul.  Occupation: Livestock dealer.  Church: Norwegian Lutheran Church connection.  Married Lisa Marie Saboe on November 26, 1903.  Children: Marion Gwendolyn, 9; Thelma Lucile, 6; Anna Jonetta, 4. The first two were born in St Paul MN, the youngest in Sisseton SD. Parents: Johannes P. Kanten (January 1, 1830) born on Hofskjæret  and Anna Haugsengen (January, 1840).  Siblings: Peder J Canton, Watson MN; Edward J. Canton, Watson MN; Mary J Canton, Boston MA; Anton J Kanten, Brandbu, Norway; Mina and Lina Kanten, Brandbu, Norway. Paternal Grandparents: Per Hofsskjært (“ Blacksmith Per”) and Marie Smedsrud.  Maternal Grandparents: Per Haugsengen and Marie Grytebekfangen. 


12-4 Peder J Canton                Watson MN

                                                      Name changed from Peder J. Holekanten Born on Hoffsjkæret on June 25, 1863.  Emigrated in 1881 aboard the “Moravian” and landed on July 4, 1881.  Residences: Watson, Chippewa County, MN.  Occupation: Farmer, Member of the firm Canton Bros, administrator of Watson’s Creamery.  Church: The Norwegian Synod. School: Thingelstad elementary school in Gran, high school plus Augustana College, Canton SD.  Married Mathea Iverson on March 18, 1886. Children: Iver, 24; Johannes, 22; Adolph, 20; Inga, 18; Arthur, 15; Phillip, 12; Ernest 10; Anne, 7; Percival, 4. All born in Watson.  Parents: Johs. P. Kanten, born on Hoffskjæret in January 1830 and Anne, born on Haugsengen January 1, 1840.  Siblings: Edward, Watson MN; Thorstein, Ft. Sisseton SD; Mary, Boston MA; Anton, Brandbu; Lina and Mina, both of Brandbu. Paternal Grandparents: Per Skjæret (“Blacksmith Per”) and Wife Mari, born on Smedrud. Maternal Grandparents: Peder Haugsengen and Wife born Grytebektangen. 


1921 Yearbook – Page 13


13-1 Martin H Carlsen              Darlington WI

                                                      Born July 24, 1878 in Yellowstone, Wisconsin.  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: Blanchardville Free Church.  School: Platteville Business College.  Married Alice Thompson on January 23, 1907.  Parents: Farmer Hans Carlson, born in Hadeland and Caroline Andersdtr.  Siblings: Mrs. Edward Milestone, Darlington WI; Mrs. F. F. Jensen, Mrs. Carl Bruni, John Carlsen, James Carlsen, Elmer Carlsen, all of Blanchardville WI. Paternal Grandparents: Lars and Mari Carlsen.


13-2 Julius P Dvergsten         Spring Grove MN

                                                      Born July 19, 1866 on Pladsen Tømmerbakken in Gran, Hadeland.  Parents: Peder Hanson and Margrethe Iversdatter.  Emigration: 1883, coming to Spring Grove.  Married Christine Helmen (born December 4, 1869 on Pladsen Tokerud; died September 8, 1903 ) in 1892. Children: Four surviving children: Peder Arthur, Helen Malvina, James Carlin and Harry Melvin. Christine's parents: Anders and Eline Tokerud.  Second marriage on May 28, 1907 to Jørgine Oline Bjergum born in Blakhammer MN. Jorgine’s parents were Engebret and Ingebjør Bjergum.  Children: Maurice Ingeman, Julia Jeniva and Merwin Philander.


13-3 John Christianson          Bloomer WI    R. 4, Box 55

                                                      Name changed from Johannes Christiansen Bjøraltmyren. Born December 9, 1855 on Bjøralt, Hadeland.  Emigration: May 20, 1881 aboard the “Republic”, landing in New York.  Residences:  Chippewa County WI ( 3 month in Canada in 1912). Occupation: Farmer and Painter. From 1878-1880 served in the military in artillery in Norway. Church: The Lutheran Church.  School:  Public school in Norway.  Married Anne Larsdatter Elverud in Valley, Chippewa County, WI on April 17, 1884.  Children: Carl, 28; Paul, 27; Ole, 25; Sam, 23; Gustav, 21; Arthur (deceased); Louis, 17; Manvel, 16; Peder, 13, Teodor, 11.  Parents: Painter and farmer Kristian Olsen (March 7, 1819 – 1893) born in Lunner, emigrated in 1880; and Kari Paulsdatter (February 15, 1815-September 1878 in Lunner).  Siblings: Iver, Christen, Simen and Ole, Colfax WI; Mrs. Karoline Lunder, Winnipeg Junction MN.   Paternal Grandparents: Ole Christensen and Siri Iversdtr. Father’s siblings: Iver, b. 1823, d. in America in 1912; Ole and Lars, both died in Norway; Berthe, died in Wisconsin; Kjersti Olsdtr, Colfax WI. 


13-4 Ole P Dahlen                     Kindred ND  Cass County

                                                      Name changed from Ole Møllertuen Dalemoen. Born January 29, 1860 on Kjølveien, Hadeland.  Emigration: with parents in 1872 aboard the “Concordia”, landing in Quebec.  Residences: Spring Grove, MN 1872-1879, since then Kindred, Cass Co, ND.  Occupation: Chariman of the town board for the town of Normanna; assessor; census taker in 1910; member of the ND Legislature, 1905-1907; Director of an insurance company; Director for Farmers’ Elevator; School clerk; congregational treasurer.  Church: The Norwegian Synod.  School: Public School. Married to Anne Johnsdtr. Kalverud on April 15, 1880.  Children: Peder, 31; Bernhard, 29; Clara, 27; Henry, 24; Martha, 22; Carl, 19; Arnold, 17; Erwin, 15; Raymond, 12; Alice, 8.  Parents: Miller Peder Olsen (Aug 18, 1828 on Kjølveien – 1910 in North Dakota) and Marte Pedersdtr Sørumshagen (November 27, 1827, died in ND 1899).   Siblings: Peder P. Dahlen and Anton P. Dahlen, both of Kindred ND; 1 brother and 4 sisters deceased.  Paternal Grandparents: Ole Kjølveien and Kari Kjølveien. Father’s siblings: Anders Nestugebraaten, ND; John Angedalsroen, ND; Ingeborg Jensestuen, Norway; Anne Svinger (deceased); Kari Jensen (deceased).  Maternal Grandparents: Peder Sørumshagen and Kari Sørumshagen. 


1921 Yearbook – Page 14


14-1 Peder Anderson Dokkebraaten   

Born on Sørumseie in Gran, Hadeland on May 19, 1844.  Emigration: Aboard the “Christiania” in 1866, landing in Quebec.


14-2 Lena Dynna                      Waukesha WI - Springs San.

                                                      From Dynna in Gran.  Born February 4, 1875.  Emigration: July1, 1896 aboard the “St Louis”, landing in New York on July 10th.  Residences: Des Moines IA until 1902, Dynna, Gran in 1903, since 1904 in Waukesha, WI. Occupation: Housework. Parents: Thorgrim L. Dynna (February 3, 1832 on Dynna, West Gran; died June 11 1904)  and Marie Dynna (February 12, 1838 in South Flatla; died March 12, 1904).  Siblings: Lars T. Dynna, Gran; and Iver Th. Dynna, Gran. Paternal Grandparents: Lars Dynna (deceased) and Mari H. Stostad.  Maternal grandparents: Lars I. Flatla, Lunner and Wife Ingeborg bron in Svinning, Brandbu). 


14-3 Hans P Engen                  Northwood IA

                                                      From Jevnaker, Hadeland.  Born October 18, 1883.  Emigration: May 15, 1903 aboard the “Haverford”, landing June 1st in Philadelphia.  Residences: Forest City, 6 years; since then in Northwood.  Occupation: Painter. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. Married Kristine Kristenson (b. 1884, Kristiania) in 1909.  Father: Paul Hansen Engen, Snedker (March 9, 1854 on Kjorvenaasen, Molstad)  Siblings: Karoline, Anders, Marthe, Ole, Erik, Peter, Paul, Magna, Einar , all Lunner Station. Paternal Grandparents: Hans Paulsen Bjøralt and Kari Andersdatter Skøienengen (February 11, 1856). Father’s siblings: Peder, Randsfjord; Edward, Kistefos; Kari, married to Kristian Olsen, Kjørvenvolden. Mother’s siblings: Elling, Skøienengen; Hans Barlangrudbækken. 


14-4 Mikkel L Elken                  Mayville ND  -  Traill County

                                                      Born August 8, 1875 on Elken, Hadeland.  Emigration: May 15, 1880 aboard the “England, ” landing in New York June 2.  Residences: 1880-1882, Hartland MN; since then Mayville ND.  Occupation: 1882-1902 implement  business; later property, farm and bank business – 2 times mayor of Mayville, many times an alderman; about 20 years President of the city school board; 4 years member of the board of trustees for the Insane Asylum, Jamestown ND; one of the trustees for the 3 normal schools in ND. 4 years member of the board of trustees for the Insane Asylum, Jamestown ND; President Goose River Bank, Mayville ND; President, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Hatton ND; Vice-Pres. First Nat Bank, Milton ND; President, Missouri River Lumber Co, Fort Benton MT; Vice Pres. Russel Grader Mfg. Co, Minneapolis MN; Vice-Pres. Mayville Motor Co, Mayville ND; Vice-Pres. Grinager Merc. Co, Mayville ND; President Mayville Investment Co, Mayville ND; Director Scandinavian American Bank, Grand Forks ND; Director, Clifford State Bank, Clifford ND.  Church: Congregational  Married Annie Kristine Elken.  Children: Corrinna Inga (Dec 15, 1889), Guy Leander (October 23, 1891); Anna Marguerite (July 23, 1893); Helen Leonore (Sept. 17, 1895); Marcus Lawrence, (Feb 25, 1901).  Parents: Farmer Lars Olsen (born 1819 on West Elken in Gran) and Kari Mikkelsdtr (1822, born on Hilden in Gran).

1921 Yearbook – Page 15


15-1 G L Elken                           Mayville ND

Born on June 10, 1863 on Elken, Hadeland. Was high school teacher in Hadeland (Brandbu and Thingelstad parishes) until 1889.  Emigration: April 12, 1889, arriving in Mayville ND on April 29th.   Have lived there ever since. Occupation: Operated a machine business together with brother, M. L. Elkin until 1902 and has since operated a farm- and loan- business ;Alderman in Mayville for 7 years, president of the state normal school board for 4 years; state senator for two years (was elected but had to resign as a result of an injury received in Norway in 1914). Married Sarah Grinager on November 1, 1890, daughter of Knut Grinager of Tingelstad, Hadeland.  Second marriage to Agnes Skundberg on October 21, 1908.  Children of the second marriage: Dorothy Gladys Nellie (September 20, 1909) and Gilbert L, Jr. (February 2, 1917).  Parents: Farmer Lars O. Elken and Kari Mikkesldatter Hilden.  


15-2 Cornelius Erickson         Peterson MN

                                                      From Lunner.  Born August 24, 1863. Emigration: With parents in 1879.  Residences: Iowa; Mabel, MN; Peterson, MN.  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: Trustee for 3 years in Hesper, Iowa; The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. Married on June 20, 1900 to Lena Haagenson, Highland Prairie.  Children: Henry Orlando (Sept. 4, 1901 – October 12, 1909); Clarence Bernhard (April 1, 1903-October 26, 1904); Clarence Bernhardt (January 7, 1905); Lloyd Cornelius (March 25, 1908); Helen Gladys (June 6, 1911).  Parents: Hans Erickson (d. April 27, 1911) and Maren Borgine Knutsdatter of Hesper, Iowa.   Siblings: Erik Erikson (deceased); Herman Eriksen, Upham ND; Mrs. Henry Paulson, Hesper IA; Mrs. Christ Bedsler, Mabel MN. Paternal Grandparents: Erik Torstensen Mylsbraaten (born 1803 in Lunner) and Ingeborg Andersdtr  (1808 in Lunner – 1880). Father’s siblings: Torsten Erikson, Burr Oak IA; Ole Erikson, Britt IA; Halvor Erikson, Voltaire ND; Anders Eriksen, Norway; Kari Eriksen (died 1910). Maternal Grandparents: Knut Engebretson Brenders, born December 22, 1880 on Lavvika, Ringerike and Oline Jørgensdtr born on Balangrud, Hadeland in January 1799. 


15-3 Thorsten  Erickson         Blanchardville WI – Green County

                                                      Name changed from Thorsten E. Ragnildrud.  Born on North Ragnhildrud on May 20, 1845.  Emigration: August 30, 1883 aboard the “Britania.” Residences: Town of York, Green County WI.  Occupation: Farmer.  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Ingeborg Jensdtr Ellefsrud on December 27, 1877.  Children: Bertha, Feb 13, 1883; Elma, Nov 19, 1884; Thea, Sept 1, 1886; Erik, August 21, 1888; Albert, May 10, 1890; Ottilde, Sept 28, 1892.  Parents: Farmer Eruj T, Ragnhildrud and Berthe G. Rossøm.  Siblings: Gulbrand Erikson, Independence MO; Berthe Erickson, Blanchardville WI; Pernille Moorhead, Monona IA; Anders Moorhead, Monona County IA;  Margrete, Gran,  Hadeland, Norway; Kari, Hedemarken, Norway; Anne Marie, Gran, Hadeland, Norway; Erik, Gran, Hadeland, Norway. Paternal Grandparents: Thorsten E. Ragnhildrud and Berthe G. Bragerud, Lunner.  Maternal Grandparents: Budbrand G. Røssum and Pernille Saga. 





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