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1921 Lag Yearbook

Along with translating the information from Norwegian to English, biographies are presented in a standardized format. 

CLICK HERE to view this page in .pdf format (Preferable for printing - Opens in a new window)


1921 Yearbook - Page 41 

41-1 Erik S. Morstad                            Milan MN

  Born: April 4, 1845, on West Morstad.  Emigration: 1868 aboard the "Benedikte," arriving in Lafayette WI on July 4.   Residences: Wisconsin 1868-1871; then farming near Milan, but now live in town.    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church    Parents: Simen E Morstad and Kari Pedersdatter Haslerud.    


41-2 E G Morstad                                 Clarkfield MN

Name changed from Prestmarken.  Born: March 19, 1864 on Grinihagen.  Emigration: 1868, aboard the "Refonda," final destination was Ossian Winneshiek County, IA.   Residences: Glenwood Township, Winneshiek County IA, for 6 yrs.   Occupation: Farmer, justice, constable, supervisor o.s.v. in the township of Lisbon where I settled in 1874.    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church    Married: Berthe J Tangen on July 28, 1904.  Children: Annie Granville, 7; Eugene 3; and Inga Marion 1.  Parents: Gunder Eriksen Morstad and Iver HenriksonsDatter (born on Ringdalssvingen).  Siblings: Julia, ND; Helmine, Minneapolis MN; Adolf, Boyd MN; Albert, TN.  Paternal Grandparents: Erik and Anne Prestmarken.  Maternal Grandparents: Iver Henrikson, grave in Gran and Anne Olsdatter, born on Kongil.   Father's Siblings: Johan, Peder, Anders, Eli and Anne.  Mother's Siblings: Berte, married to Ingebret Morstad; Marthe married to Anders Morstad; Ole; Hans; Karen, married to Kristian Granvolden; Ingeborg, married to Hans Prestmark, Decorah IA; and Anders.  


41-3 Ole H Molstad                               Hartland, Freeborn County, MN

Name changed from Ole Halvorsen Panka.  Born: December 27, 1854.  Emigration: August, 1885, landing in Boston.  Residences: Hartland MN  Occupation: Farmer  Military Service: Served at Helgelandsmoen, Norway, for 3 yrs.   Church: The Norwegian Synod.    Married: Ingeborg H Lunnereidet on April 24, 1879.   Children: Halvor, Karen, Maria, Ingeborg, Helen, Oluf, Eda Mathilde, Helmer George and Leo John.  Parents: Halvor Olson Panka (born April 6, 1828 and Karen Halvorsdatter (born April 12, 1828 on Huser).  Siblings: Halvor Panka, Lunner; Edward and Anders Molstad, Webster MT.    Father's Siblings: Hans Hagen, Lunner; Jens and Anders Olson, Kristiania; Marte Volla and Gudjorg Olerud, Lunner.  Mother's Siblings: Ole Huser, Lunner; Gulbrand and Marie in America.  


41-4 Edward G. Myrah                          Spring Grove MN

  Born: August 20, 1860 in Spring Grove.    Occupation: Farmer, town treasurer 1895-1907, member of the Board of Supervisors.    Church: The Norwegian Synod  School: Co-educational school, La Crosse Business College.  Married: Annette S Wolden on November 11, 1886.  Children: Manda Henriette, September 13, 1887 - June 25, 1909; Harry, June 26, 1889-1899; Norten, February 10, 1898; Helen Gurine, August 19, 1899-1900; Gilmar Owen, January 7, 1901; Lorentz, November 22, 1902; Marie Soure, March 25, 1904.  Parents: Father was born  March 26, 1827 on Dalen; emigrated in 1854 on the sailing ship "Kristina," landing after 7 weeks journey in Quebec; died December 1901 in Spring Grove. Mother was Martha Østensdatter, born October 28, 1832 and died in Spring Grove on April 16, 1900. Siblings: Nels G Myrah, Halifax, Sask., Canada; Olaus Myhra, Hunter ND; Rikka Traemrud, Kindred ND; Klara Quanrud, Spring Grove MN; Ingeborg C Evenson, Sheyenne ND; Gustav G Myrah, Spring Grove MN; Maria Dickover, Denver CO.    




1921 Yearbook - Page 42


42-1 Martin O Myhre                              Watson MN

  Born: November 21, 1866.  Emigration: Aboard the "Arizona" June 26, 1884, landing in New York. Residences: Watson MN  Occupation: Painter, postmaster.    Parents: Ole Johnson Myhre (born on Myhre, Hadeland) and Marie P. Myhre (born on Svenskerud April 15, 1828)  Siblings: Peder O Myhre, Gran, hadeland; John O Myhre, Lignite ND; Erik O Myhre, Lignite ND; Ingeborg Myhre, Lignite ND; Trine Myhre (Mrs. Anton Rækstad), Montevideo MN.    Maternal Grandparents: Peder and Marthe Svenskerud.    Mother's Siblings: Gulbrand Kjos, Albert Lea MN; Mrs. Martin Mikelsen; Mr. Kristian Kjos, Ft. Ransom ND; Mrs. Elise Ross, Haynes ND; Mr. Ole Torget, Bleiken Station, Hadeland; Mrs. Anne Engstrøm,   Bleiken Station, Hadeland.


42-2 Michael Olsen Myhre                    Blanchardville WI

From the Myhre farm in west Gran.  Born: August 29, 1876.  Emigration: Aboard the "Celtic" landing in New York on May 18, 1903.  Residences: Hollandale, WI until 1907; Høsten, Norway from 1907-1909; since then in Blanchardville.  Occupation: Master PChurch: The Lutheran Free Church  School: Military school in Norway  Married: Nikoline Nilsen on March 19, 1909 in Jevnaker Church in Norway.  Children: Mildred Alvine, October 26, 1909.   Parents: Farmer Ole Mikkelsen, S. Myhre, West Gran in Hadeland and Anne Margrete Andersdtr (March 12, 1854 on Elmsengen in West Gran).   Siblings: Kirsti, married to Hans Wang, Jevnaker; Mari, married to Pulpwoodworker Albin Andersen, Heen St, Aadalen; Anna Bakke, Hadeland Glasværk; Inga, maid in Drammen.  Paternal Grandparents: Mikkel and Maline Myhre.  Maternal Grandparents: Anders and Kristi Hansen.  Father's Siblings: Peder, Iver and Mary - the last two drowned about 4 years ago..  



42-3 Anton Moe                                       Calmar IA

  Born: December 10, 1858 on Rønerudshaugen, Hadeland.  Emigration: 1868, final destination Calmar IA.    Occupation: Station baggage man    Church: The Norwegian Synod    Married: Johanna Carsrud; second wife, Anna Cleveland..    Parents: Hans P Haugen and Martha Abramsen Enger.   


42-4 Guthorm H Mohagen                     Grafton ND

  Born: February 10, 1863.  Emigration: April 27, 1869 aboard the "Anna Delius," landing in Quebec on June 18.  Residences: Fillmore County MN, 11 yrs; since 1880 in Walsh County ND.  Occupation: Farmer    Married: Oline Thingelstad on February 15, 1889.  She died March 2, 1909.  Children: Marie, January 20, 1890; Manvel, October 6, 1894; Oscar, January 21, 1899; Christine, March 20, 1904; Olga, October 30, 1905 (deceased).   


42-5 Ole O Monkrud                                Macrorie, Saskatchewan, Canada

Name changed from Ole O. Monkerud.  Born: November 9, 1860 on Mitstuagaarden, Monkerud in Lynner.  Emigration: May 4, 1890 on the Cunard Line, landing in Boston on May 14, 1890, arriving in Morris, Stevens County MN on May 17.     Occupation: Lumberman and farmer    School: Business school in Kristiania for 1 yr.        Parents: Ole Hansen Monkerud, a successful bear hunter (born on the Monkrud farm) and Berthe Hansen RøsteSiblings: Hans; Iver; Halvor; Ingeborg, who died before she was a year old; Thorsten, who died on Tveten farm; Karl O. Monkerud, farmer in Gran.    Maternal Grandparents: Ingeborg Røste and husband.  Father's Siblings: Peder Hansen Monkerud, farmer; Randi Hansen Monkerud, married to Thorsten Tangen, farmer.  Mother's Siblings: Marthe, married to Halvor Bratlien; Anne, married to Paul Snellingen; Søren Røste, farmer. 



1921 Yearbook - Page 43


43-1 Peder Martinson                            Fargo ND

  Born: December 21, 1854 on the Bakken place on the Upper Berger farm in Jevnaker.  Emigration: 1881; arrived in Boston on November 16 and reached Menomonie WI on the 20th. Residences: Menomonie WI, 2 yrs; Eau Clairre WI, 5 yrs; Hillsboro ND, 7 yrs; and since 1895 in Fargo.  Occupation: Driver for lumber and grave monuments in Fargo.   Married: Agnete Johansen Grytingen from Biri who died 2 1/2 years later leaving two children who also died shortly thereafter.  Children: 5, of which 4 are alive: Martin (October 29, 1891); Amalia (June 6, 1893); Joseph (September 29, 1895); George (January 1, 1898).  Parents: Martin Olson and Johanne Pedersdatter.    


43-2 O H Nass                                          Mabel, Fillmore County MN

Name changed from Ole Hansen Nasseen.  Born: September 15, 1840 on Tomten.  Emigration: April 22, 1862 aboard the "Oscar II," landing on July 18 in Quebec.  Residences: First 12 years in Glenwood IA, then 5 yrs in Minnesota, 20 yrs back in Glenwood Iowa and since then, Fillmore County MN.  Occupation: Carpenter, farmer and businessman; postmaster for 16 years.   Military Service: Served in the 13th Iowa infantry regiment in the Civil War, 1864-1865.  Church: The Norwegian Synod    Married: Anne Hansdtr. Eggebraaten on March 3, 1870.  She was born in Norway on June 21, 1847.  Children: Dr. Hildus Augustinus Nass, born January 8, 1872 in Glenwood IA.  Parents: Timberman Hans Ellefsrud (born November 1791 on Ellefsrud, died on Sættera on October 25, 1855) and Kari Jensdatter Tomte-Eidet (born March 1800, died September 1872).   Siblings: Nils A. Rekken (half-brother); John A Julibakker (half-brother); Anders Hansen, 1826-1879; Hans Hansen, 1829-1903; Marie Hansdtr, 1823-1894; Anne Hansdtr, 1836-1895. All died in America except the last person named who married Gunder A Nuhus. 


43-3 Christian Nelson                            Star Prairie WI

  Born: November 30, 1862 in the town of Argyle, Lafayette County WI.    Residences: 11 yrs in lafayette County WI, sine then in Polk County WI.  Occupation: Farmer.    Church: Norwegian Lutheran Church    Married: Caroline Christopherson Nydalen on October 15, 1887.  Children: Alfred, February 15, 1889; Emma, January 22, 1891; Clara, April 27, 1893; Lena, August 16, 1895; Elmer, November 14, 1897; Mabel, April 28, 1902; Clarence, April 24, 1904; Marie, November 16, 1908; all born in Polk County WI.   Parents: Knut Nilsen Kanethaugen (July 29, 1834 in Gran) and Berte Christoffersdatter Briskebakken (April 16, 1834 in Gran). They came to America in 1861. His father fought in the Civil War and then settled in Minneapolis MN  Siblings: Nils Nilson, Hill Yard WA; Mrs. Clara P Johnson, Spokane WA.    Father's Siblings: Lars Nelson, Kanethaugen, Manistee MI; Mrs. Mary Olson, Chicago IL. and Berte Christoffersdatter, Briskebakken, born in Gran on April 16, 1834.  Mother's Siblings: Nils Christopherson, Briskebakken, Star Prairie WI. 




1921 Yearbook - Page 44


44-1 Ole J Nokleby                                Montevideo MN

  Born: July 23, 1845 on the Upper Nøkleby farm in Jevnaker.  Emigration: June 18, 1869 aboard Steamship "Hibernian," landing in Quebec on July 8.   Residences: 1869-1875, Fillmore County MN; 1875-1911 Chippewa County MN; sine then in Montevideo MN.  Occupation: Farm owner (hired man, horse trader), member of the township board;  Chippewa County Commissioner for 4 years.    Married: Magdalena Falla on November 26, 1872.  Children: Ragna, 1873; Jacob, 1875; Andew, 1877; Marie, 1879; Joseph, 1881; Oscar, 1883; Karl, 1885; Olaf, 1887; Nette, 1889; Minnie, 1892; Edvin, 1894; Gustav, 1896.  Parents: Father (born January 30, 1819 on Upper Nøkleby, died at 91 yrs of age.) and Mother (born on Vang in Jevnaker).   Siblings: Thorsten Nøkleby, deceased; Hans Rud, Jevnaker; Tron Nokleby, farmer in Chippewa County MN; Halvor Nøkleby, Halvorsrud, Jevnaker; Anne Nøklby, Norway; Sophie Halvorson, married and has a fruit farm in Washington. 

Andre Oplysninger: He has three times been on visits to Norway and traveled through many of the Southern States of the United Satates; he has owned a farm in Washington and now owns farms in Chippewa, Swift, Lac qui Parle, Polk and Marshall Counties.  Paternal Grandparents: Ole Nøkleby, born on Upper Nøkleby, and Sigrid Tronsdtr, Klæstad, Gran.  Maternal Grandparents: Tossten Valeby, Gran; Anne Vang, Jevnaker.  Father's Siblings: Lise, Upper Berger; Tron, North Nøkleby; Lars Ruden, Gran; Hans Elnes; Kjersti Norby; Marte Almli, 

all are farm owners.   


44-2 E T Nelson                                     Osage IA

Picture Only.


44-3 Marie Justine Nelson                   Nora Springs IA                            

  Born: November 30, (?) in Rock Creek IA.    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church.    Parents: Erik T. Nelson (born June 24, 1854) and Inger Sylverud (born July 29, 1851, in Blacvk Earth WI, died January 27, 1910).  Siblings: Theodor Nelson, Osage IA; Mrs Clara Levorson, Milaca MN; Mrs. Emma Krogstad, Nora Springs IA; Carl G Nelson, Nora Springs IA.  Paternal Grandparents: Torgrim Raastad and Marie Erikson  Maternal Grandparents: Ole Sylverud and Kari Espelin.  



1921 Yearbook - Page 45


45-1 Nils I Norby                                    Rothsay MN

Nils Iverson  Born: October 1st, Lunder tenant farm in Lunder Annex, Jevnaker. Baptized and confirmed in Lunders Church. Traveled to Ransfjord at about 20 years of age. Emigration: 1883, arriving in Rothsay on June 27 of that same year.    Occupation: Farmer in Wilkin County near Rothsay. Church: Lutheran Married: Marthe Johansdatter Sherva.  Children: 3 sons and 5 daughters.  Parents: Johan Christopherson and Kari Larsdatter (born in Nanstad). He was baptized and confirmed at Lunner church; later moved to Hadeland where he married and lived at another place. 


45-2 Amund Olson                                Deronda WI

   Born: April 7, 1860 on Eiveløite.  Emigration: 1871, landing in New York.    Occupation: Farmer    Married: Emma Peterson on August 29, 1885.  Children: Rose, 27; Willie, 25; Betsy, 23; Mollie, 21; Olga, 18; Ole, 16; Melvin, 14; Esther, 9.  Parents: Ole Amundson (born 1837, died June 22, 1899) and Bergitte Amundsdtr. (born October 18, 1832 in Hallingdal).  Siblings: Mrs. Annie Olson, New Richmond; Mrs. Ingeborg Bottolfson, Decorah; Miss Oline Amundson, Decorah; Mrs. Kari Thomas, Brainerd, MN; Mrs. Betsy Peterson, New Richmond.  Paternal Grandparents: Amund and Anna  Maternal Grandparents: Knut and Kari Knutsen  


45-3 Anna Maria Olson                        Star Prairie WI

  Born: January 27, 1846 on Alm.  Emigration: 1874  Residences: 2 1/2 yrs in Hudson WI, sine the Star Prairie WI.    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church    Married: Martin Olson on November 23, 1865.  He died on October 25, 1903.   Children: Pauline Nilson, Devils Lake ND; Hilda Horgen, Star Prairie WI; Otto Albert Olson and Berte Maria Olson, Star Prairie WI; 7 other children died.  Parents: Halvor and Pernille Risendahl  Siblings: John J Johnson, Goodwin SD; Per H Johnson, Star Prairie WI.   


45-4 Juel Olson                                      Osceola, Polk County WI

  Born: September 20, 1846 on Auge Dalseidet in Brandbu.   Emigration: Aboard the "Moravian" in 1869, arriving in Detroit May 6.   Residences: 2 years in Janesville, then homesteaded in Polk County.   Occupation: Carpenter and farmer.  


45-5 L C Olson                                        Argyle Lafayette County WI

Name cvhanged from Lars Olsen Paulsæterhagen.  Born: April 21, 1850 on Paulsæterhagen, north Moen, Tingelstad.  Emigration: April 1870, arriving in Argyle in May.  Residences: Argyle and Blanchardville WI  Occupation: Painter and plasterer, farmer.    Church: Free Church    Married: Ingeborg Olsen Tvedt from Nummedal, June 30, 1875.  Children: Osval I, November 7, 1876; Helmer Ludvik, April 14, 1882; Bennet Clarence, September 20, 1886; Melvin Joseph, February 6, 1894.   Parents: Ole Christensen Paulssæterhagen (born 1820; he was first a shoemaker and then tenant farmer) and Kjersti Jonsdtr (from Sandvigen, born 1812 on the Sandvigen tenant farm on the Berger farm. not far from Hadeland Glassworks)  Siblings: C C Olsen, Blanchardville; Ingeborg Jakobson, Argyle.  



45-6 Mrs. Mary Olson                            Hudson WI

Maiden Name: Mary Andersdtr. Augedal  Born: February 7, 1878 on Augedal, Gran, Hadeland.  Emigration: March 18, 1882, landing in Philadelphia on April 6.   Residences: Since April 10, 1882 in Hudson WI.  Occupation: Dressmaker    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  School: Grade school  Married: Magnus Olson on April 13, 1898.    Parents: Andrew Johnson (born in Gran on December 21, 1857; in charge of the railroad yard) and Carrrie Johnson (born December 24, 1851 in Gran, Hadeland)  Siblings: Jerom, Ida, Alma, and Agnetta Johnson; same address: Hudson WI.  Paternal Grandparents: John Erickson and Mary Halvorson  Maternal Grandparents: John and Ingeborg Anderson  Father's Siblings: Erick, John, Halvor, Otilda, Johanne, Maria and Anne.  



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