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2018 Yearbook Project

Click to visit the 1921 Hadeland Lag Yearbook on-line
Page from the 1921 Yearbook
Click to visit the yearbook on-line

The last time the Hadeland Lag published a yearbook was in 1921.  In the more recent past we have published a history of the organization and stories about immigrant ancestors from Hadeland but we have not provided an opportunity for our members to introduce themselves and their families, or share the stories of their non-immigrant ancestors.

Although subsequent generations are sometimes included, “Our Hadeland Ancestors” focuses on the first generation of Hadeland-Americans. We continue to encourage you to write about Hadeland immigrants and their families and will continue to publish them in the Brua. The long term plan is to add “Volume 3” to that book series in a few years.  Articles submitted for the yearbook can profile any generation after your immigrant ancestor(s).

Yearbook Articles

You can submit articles of up to 5000 words about yourself and/or any generation of your family. Two pictures can be included with each article.   If you aren’t sure you are a good enough writer, don’t worry – we’ll be happy to help ‘spiff up’ your copy!

If you would like to share a story about an event, activity, church or organization that has a strong connection to Hadeland-Americans, keep it to 750 words or less. One picture can be included.  If you think that to effectively cover your subject a longer story or more than one picture is required, let us know what you have in mind.    

Yearbook Questionnaire     

If you don’t know where to begin to tell a story about yourself or your family, you can still participate in this project.  In 1921 members were prompted to provide basic biographical information about themselves by simply answering a few questions. That information has been invaluable to succeeding generations.  We will do the same!  “Yearbook Questionnaires” will be published as submitted in question/answer format. You don't have to answer every question, and can provide as much or as little information as you choose. You can submit a photo with a questionnaire, too.   

We cannot guarantee return of original photographs; please submit your photos either electronically or as a copy.

We would like all submissions for the yearbook by December 31, 2017.  

We plan to publish the book in late 2018 so that we can include photos from the 2018 stevne and høst samling.   We will be presenting copies to Hadeland historical societies and the Folkemuseum during our 2019 Hadeland tour. 

Because the book will include information about living individuals, you will only be able to order the book from the lag using a mail-in order form.  You will also be able to purchase a copy of the book in person at the 2019 stevne and høst samling. It will not be sold on Amazon.

Submit your stories and/or questionnaires to Anne Sladky. Remember, do not send original photos as we cannot guarantee their return to you.  

Stories:  Email your document and photos or mail to address below.

   Questionnaires: Print form and mail, along with copies of photos to address below.   Email Instructions

Anne Sladky

6938 State Hwy 200 NW

Laporte MN  56461



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