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Estate Pensions - Føderaad

From "The History of the Hadeland Lag 1910-1989"

beginning on page 113

Translated by Dr. O J Opsahl.


In Norway there was a rather peculiar form of social security: a contract between father and son when the land passed from one to the next.  Sometimes, the land could pass from old childless couples to others who were not relatives. A contract was used, which was signed by the participants and also by witnesses.

Below is a sample of a contract and the terms, which had to be approved by a court. 



Hadeland and Land Probate Judge's Office

Registered on 14 May 1859



Since my father, Steffen Hansen, has by lawful deed sold and transferred to me his own property, the farm Gulsjølien, which under farm registry #37 in Gran is taxed two dollars and nine shillings, together with all its buildings and equipment, I do hereby bind myself, and any other who might come into possession of this farm, to provide to Steffen Hansen and his wife Ragne Eriksdatter the following estate pension:


1. As many acres as he wishes to use of the west meadowland and the two small fenced-in acres and one-fourth acre on the barn hill, together with freedom to make use of any acres he chooses of the farm's unused haying land.


2. What haying land he chooses in the fields south of the gate  of Engen, along with the fields up to the Rexle farms, and of the meadow from the high ridge northward to Engeledet and eastward to the marsh, plus two acres down near Neryren.


3. The underbrush cleared from the south meadow, 200 cuttings of birch branches yearly, which he must cut himself, one-half the cabbage patch, free pasture for his creatures insofar as available together with their care, plus two blocks salt per year.


4. For meat they shall have 1/2 yearling cow per year, for two years two pigs per year and for Christmas annually two boxes coffee and one roll of tobacco.


5. Since my father has contributed one horse toward his own pension, farm owner shall provide free care of the horse, free firewood and water delivered, free horse for trip to and from church, and free delivery from town of goods needed from there.  Finally as old age and sickness bring their troubles, to provide freely and promptly as part of estate pension the increased smokes and care that old and sickly persons may need.


6. Their rooms will be the kitchen and the loft above it, free room in the cattle barn for their animals, for their hay and corn in the haybarn, and access to the threshing barn together with a little shed there.


7. When one of the estate pensioners dies, the pension deceases to one-half.  Should the man die first, his widow will retain use of half the land, plus an additional one-fourth acre until her death, after which everything reverts to the farm again.


Gulejølien  12 May 1859                                                        Signature (hand guided by another)

                                                                                                 Hans Steffensen


                                                                                          Witnessed:   (signature guided by another's hand) 

                                                                                                 Erik Vigen                           Anders Jonsen Gjerdingen


The chief supervisor of estate pensions has valued the above arrangement at 10 speciedaller per year for 5 years for a total of 50 speciedallers, and has herewith set his seal of approval to the arrangement

Grinager Courthouse  13 May 1859                                         Signed (with help)

                                                                                                 Hans Steffensen

                                                                                                 Steffen Hansen


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