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Jevnaker Kirke

Jevnaker Church and Cemetery

Records show that an ancient stone church sat on the site of the current Jevnaker church in the mid-1200's. The current church was consecrated by the bishop of Oslo and the first services held on October 8, 1834. This 'new' church is much larger than its predecessor with seats for 700 people. Its magnificent altar is an excellent example of "Pihlske" (named after Abraham Pihl, who designed churches of this type in the early 1800's). 

On the stone wall in front of the church

Photo taken by Lag Member Diane Resvick





Jevnaker Church Interior

Photo taken by Lag Member Gerald Zeisemer



Jevnaker Church Altar

Jevnaker Church Altar

Photo taken by Lag Member Diane Resvick


Jevnaker Church Balcony

Photo by Lag member Linda Lee Larson



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