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1921 Yearbook Translations

Along with translating the information from Norwegian to English, biographies are presented in a standardized format. 

CLICK HERE to view this page in .pdf format (Preferable for printing - Opens in a new window)


1921 Yearbook - Page 26


26-1 Ole Ellingsen Hilden                            Northwood ND

Born November 22, 1844 in Gran  Emigration: 1872  Residences: Until 1882 in Fillmore County MN, since then in Grand Forks County, ND Occupation: Farmer and Carpenter   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Berthe Iversdatter Knotterud in 1875   Children: John, born June 27, 1877; Iver, born July 13, 1889; Anne, born January 5, 1880 and died July 7, 1889; Iver, born February 23, 1883 in Grand Forks County ND; Ida, born April 26, 1886 and died July 7, 1889.


26-2 Ingeborg G. Horgen                             Osage, Mitchell County, IA

Born June 6, 1859 on Paulsrud, Framstadeidet  Emigration: April 5 1881 aboard the "Algeria"  Residences: 1 yr in Fayette County IA; 4 yrs in Clayton County IA; since then in Mitchell County IA. Occupation: G  Married Gulbrand Halvorsen Stubberud (G H Horgen) on February 7, 1881 in Gran   Children: (listed under G. H. Horgen, Osage IA) Parents: Peder Torstensen (born April 15, 1835 on Paulsrud, Framstadeidet, emigrated to America in 1882) and Kari Eriksdatter Svenserud (born 1831 in Gran) Siblings: Ragnhild, married Halvor Iversen Dammen, Rock Creek IA; Elina married Ole Hetland, Osage IA.  Maternal Grandparents: Erik Andersen and Ingeborg Andersdtr Svensrud Father’s siblings: Anne Torstensdatter; Nils Torstensen, died in America    Mother’s siblings: Erik,came to America and fought and died in the Civil War; Anders E. Svenrud; Johan E. Svensrud; Johanna E. Svensrud; Anna E. Svensrud.


26-3 G. O. Hovland                                         Forest City, Winnebago County, IA

Name changed from Gulbrand Olsen Hovlandseidet. From Lunner Born June 1, 1835 on Talang in Gran.  Emigration: September 17, 1869 aboard the "Peruvian" from Glasgow, landing in Quebec.  Residences: Winneshiek County IA; Northwood IA; Fertile IA; Forest City IA.  Occupation: Farmer and church song leader for 16 yrs.  Military Service: Served 5 years in the Military in Norway  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married twice; First wife died October 15 1873. Second wife, Guro Christoffersen was born in Telemark.   Children: Six children from the first marriage, of which 1 has died; three children from the second marriage. Parents:Ole Hansen and wife.


26-4 Amund G. Hagen                                  Sacred Heart, Renville County, MN

Name changed from Amund Gulbrandsen Linderudshagen.  Born March 13, 1846 on the Retrum farm in Brandbu  Emigration: 1867, aboard the sailing ship "Manilla", landing in Quebec in June.   Residences: Freeborn County MN, 5 yrs; Renville County since 1872.  Occupation: Farmer; aslo served on the town board for many years.    Church: The Norwegian Synod School: Omgangsskole Married Rønaug C Narvesen (born in Ringerike) on December 25, 1870.    Children: H Parents:Gulbrand Olesen Tretrumsmoen (born 1803 and died 1865 on Linderudshagen and Elina Amundsdatter Friskop (born 1805 and died 1903 in Freeborn County MN) Siblings: Mrs. O. H. Jacobsen (Siri) died in Freeborn County MN; Mrs. Paul Iversen (Kari), died in Woodville WI.  Half-siblings: Ole G. Hagen, Flaming, Norman County MN; Anne Baalerud, Minot ND  Maternal Grandparents: Amund, from the Upper Egge farm, was in the War 1812-1814; and Anne,also from Upper Egge. Father’s siblings: Iver Olesen Retrumsmoen   




1921 Yearbook - Page 27


27-1 Kjersti Huseby                                         Mayville ND

Born August 8, 1845 on Lovbraathen, Gran, Hadeland.  Emigration: 1849, aboard the "Vesta" landing in New York.   Residences: Yorkville WI, 3 yrs; Waukon IA; Decorah IA; 1899 moved to Kindred ND; Mayville ND. Church: The Norwegian Synod  Married Johannes Huseby in 1864.   Children: Julia, Martha, Marie, Henry, John, Albert, Emma , Klara, Oscar, Mina, Wilhelm, Ida. all married but John and Albert. Parents: Hans Pederson Vigen, living on Vigen and Lovbraathen in Brandbu Parish and Marthe Paulsdatter SKari, from the Skari farm in Brandbu..  Siblings: Mrs. Helene Horsund, Decorah IA; Mrs. Christ Peterson, Waukon IA; Mrs. L. N. Valding, El Campa TX; H. M. Peterson, Clarkson WA.   Paternal Grandparents: Peder and Kjersti Vigen  Maternal Grandparents: Paul and Helene Skari  Father’s siblings: Halvor Vigen, John Aabraathen; Ingeborg, married Mons Korsen; and Kjerstine, married to Nels Svenserud.   Mr. and Mrs. Huseby were among the first settlers in the Red River Valley.


27-2 Halvor P Haakenstad                          Minneapolis MN, 2939 Lindale Avenue South 

Name changed from Haakenstadhagen.  Born January 24, 1866 on Lynner.  Emigration: February 1883 on the White Star Line, landing in New York.   Occupation: Farmer for 31 yrs in Fillmore County MN; now a "retired farmer."  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Sofia Olson first. She died in 1891; then married Evine Larsen.   Children: Lilli, 24; George died at 18; Herbert, 21; Leonard, 18; Gladys, 14. Parents: Peder Thorstensen (participated in the Danish-German war of 1849; emigrated to America in 1886 and settled in Mabel, MN; died in 1912) and Anne Simeonsdatter. Siblings: Simeon, Grua, Hadeland.  Maternal Grandparents: Simeon Paulserud and Anne, born on Molden.  Father’s siblings: Hans Taaihaugen, Kristopher Bjorgebraaten, Paul Thorstensen.   


27-3 Carl Hanson                                             Down IA

Born April 16, 1853 on Slothagen, Gran.  Emigration: 1868 aboard the "Onelia," landing in Quebec on June 15.   Occupation: Farmer   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Gjertrud Gjerdalen from Laan on January 1, 1878.  Children: Henry O Hanson, born February 11, 1881; Gunnel Evans, born August 30, 1883; Bennie R. Hanson, born April 27, 1887. Parents: Hans Christofersen Bakken, Moen, Hadeland, and Ragnild Carlsen Venorem. Siblings: Bertha Gunderson, Argyle WI; Anne Beer, Alden IA; Maria Hanson, Mayville ND.   Maternal Grandparents: Carl Venorem Carlson and Anne Elling Carlson, Lake Park MN   Mother’s siblings: Paul Bjorge, Gunnar Huskbakken, Elling Carlson, Lake Park MN; Anne Prestekven, Gulbjør Johnson, Blanchardville WI; Karrei Varskven, Engebjør Røkenvigen.


27-4 Anders H. Haug                                     Willow Lake SD

Name changed from Anders H. Haugsbakken.  Born July 23, 1866 in Gran Parish in Hadeland.  Emigration: July 11, 1888 aboard the Cunard Line, arriving in New York on July 20th.  Residences: Willow Lake SD Occupation: Farmer  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Anne H. Vindeneie on May 3, 1888.   Children: Martha, Amos, Hilma, Alma, Osmar, Carl, all born in Willow Lake.  Parents: Hans H. Haugsbakken, farmer on South Haugived Ransjforden and Helena Johnson Haugsbakken. Siblings: John Haug, Nellie Olson, Willow Lake SD; Anne, married to Dr. H P Hanson, Beresford SD; Hans H. Haug, Mrs. Marie T. Milestone, both deceased.  Paternal Grandparents: Hans Hansen and Pernille Holekanten  Maternal Grandparents: John Halvorsen  




1921 Yearbook - Page 28


28-1 Anders Paulson Haug                      Canton SD

Born November 10, 1843 on Kalvsjøe, Lunner, Jevnaker.  Emigration: May 7, 1877 aboard "City of Berlin" landing in New York on May 21.  Residences: Mitchell County Iowa, 3 months; Canton, Lincoln County SD, 39 yrs. Occupation: Farmer    Church: Lutheran Church School: High school Married Pernille A. Sørum on May 7, 1877.   Children: Bertha, June 15, 1881, married to Arthur Sogn; Gena Marie, nurse, born August 14, 1883; C. Alfred, farmer, born October 30, 1885; Lorenee Adan, teacher and graduate of N.W.U. in Chicago.  Parents: Paul Anderson Kalvsjøe and Marie Eriksdatter, born on Dahlen.  Siblings: (all living) Mrs. Lars Lunder, Mrs. John Juel, Guldbjør Dahlen, all of Canton SD.  Paternal Grandparents: Anders and Goro Bjelmen  Maternal Grandparents: Erik Hanson from East Dahlen and Anne Dahlen. Father’s siblings: Tosten Anderson Hjelmen, Gulbjør Haug, born on Hjelmen.   


28-2 John H Haug                                          Willow Lake SD

Name changed from John Hanson Haugsbakken.  Born August 15, 1854 on  Haugsbakken (tenant farm) owned by the Haug farm in Vaslia.  Emigration: 27 June 1881, aboard the "Tingvalla," and arriving in Monroe WI.   Residences: Monroe WI, 2 yrs; since 1883 in Willow Lake SD. Occupation: Farmer  Military Service: Served in the artillery  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church   Married Helene Maria Hansdatter, Lufplandsen in Gran Parish, Hadeland.   Children: Hannah Bertha, 35, Green County WI; Henry Alfred, 33; Jennie Helene, 31; Clarence Hjalmer, 27; Anna Elise, 24; Jørgen Herman, 22; all  Willow Lake SD.  Parents: Hans Hansen Haugsbakken, farmer from Tingelstad, and Helene Johnsdatter. 


28-3 C P Horgen                                              Decorah IA, R. 5

Name changed from C P Horgen Kals. Born March 6, 1840 on Pladsen Kals in Aal, Hadeland.  Emigration: 1869, aboard the sailing ship "Anna Delius," landing in Quebec on June 27.  Residences: Skoopenong WI; Decorah IA Occupation: Farmer  Church: The Norwegian Synod Married Siri Gudbrandsdatter in 1863.   Children: Gulbrand; Mariie, married Andreas Haaland, died in 1905 remarried Mgnus Skogen; Peder, died at 8 yrs of age; Mathilde, died at 11 yrs of age; Inga, married to Olavus Engen. 


28-4 Thron O. Hokenstad                          Garretson SD

Born July 20, 1842 in Lunner.  Emigration: April 24, 1868, landing in Quebec on May 16.  Residences: Green County WI, 1868-1871; Minnehaha County SD for the last 46 yrs. Occupation: Farmer and Carpenter  Church: Norwegian Synod Married Rønnaug Borgersdatter Helmed, Gran on July 5, 1869.   Children: Oben, BEllo, Conrad, Gilbert, Marthinus, Berthe-Marie, Theodore and Rudolph.  Parents: Ole Hansen born on Hokenstad, and Marie Thorstensdatter, born on Gagnum in Gran. 


28-5 Ole P Hoff                                                 State House, Salem Oregon

Born May 17, 1853 on Hoff in Hadeland.  Emigration: April 24, 1870 aboard the "Colonist" landing in Detroit MI on June 27, 1870.   Residences: 4 yrs in WI; 4 yrs in CA; 39 yrs in Oregon.  Occupation: 4 yrs a farm worker; 7 1/2 yrs a lumber and mill worker; 21 yrs a railroad worker; 9 yrs "State Labor Commissioner and Factory Inspector" for Oregon.  Church: Lutheran School: High school in Norway Married Alice C. Parsons on May 13, 1880.   Children: Norma Marie, born January 3 1883 in Irving OR, died November 25, 1887; Norlyn Paul, born December 2, 1890 in Irving OR.  Parents: Peder P. Hoff (farmer born March 22, 1824 on Hoff, Hadeland) and Marthe Bolken, born on Bolken, Hadeland.  Siblings: Ingeborg, Paul P. Hoff, Anne Marthea Hoff, Hadeland; Hans P. Hoff, Portland OR.   Paternal Grandparents: Paul P. Hoff  Maternal Grandparents: Ole Bolken Father’s siblings: A brother and two sisters are deceased; two are alive.    Mother’s siblings: One brother is alive, one sister, deceased.




1921 Yearbook - Page 29


29-1 Isaac E. Ingwell                                      Blanchardville WI

Born August 12, 1857 in Lafayette County WI   Residences: Lafayette County WI Occupation: Farmer  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married Maren Jensdatter Watrud on January 15, 1885. She was born on the Vatrud farm in Jevnaker   Children: Martin A, born Octobert 12, 1885; Johnnie E, born April 5, 1888; Mayme J, born July 2, 1890; C Albert, born November 25, 1892; J Wilmer, born April 26, 1895; Grant L, born July 3, 1897. Parents: James Ingwell ( born May 28, 1834 on Finrud, Jevnaker, Hadeland and emigrated in 1853 settling on a farm in Lafayette County where he still lives) and Marie Eriskdtr Gisleberg (born on the Gisleberg farm, Gran, Hadeland). Siblings: Anton Ingwell, Woodford WI; Mrs. Syver Watrud, Blanchardville; Mrs. Martin Paulson, Blanchardville; Mrs. Peter Holmgren, Ironwood MI; Mrs. Axel Johnson, Findley WI; Miss Mina Ingwell, Blanchardville; Miss Josephine Ingwell, Blanchardville.  Paternal Grandparents: Ingvald Olsen Finrud and Karen Jensdtr Maternal Grandparents: Erik Eriksen Gisleberg and Else Bjørge. They emigrated in 1853 and settled first in Iowa County WI and then moved to Green County. Father’s siblings: Andrew Ingwell, Iowa County WI; Gunder Ingwell, Iowa County WI; Mrs. C. Norsen (deceased); Mrs. Oline Sørum, Buffalo County WI. All are farmers. 


29-2 Erling E. Jacobson                              Hudson WI

Name changed from Erling E. Jacobson Trulserud Born October 4, 1891 on Trulserud  Emigration: aboard the "Adriatic" landing August 21, 1910.  Residences: Hudson WI Occupation: Carpenter  Church: Lutheran School: West Oppland Folk High School (See Per Jacobson, Hudson WI)


29-3 Kari Jacobson                                        Minneapolis MN, 1813 1/2 6th Street South

Born October 4, 1856 on Bredgaden in Gran  Emigration: June 15, 1881  Residences: 1/2 year in LeMars IA; 2 1/2 yrs in Sioux City IA and since then in Minneapolis.  Married Lars Jakobson on May 13, 1882.   Parents: Farmer John Johnsen Rubrud and Buldbjørg Olsdatter. 


29-4 Nels C Jacobson                                   Albert Lea MN, R. 2

Born November 3, 1872 in Richland, Freeborn County MN.   Residences: Richland Occupation: Farmer  Church: Lutheran  Married Thilda Dahlen on August 16, 1898.   Children: Sophie, 12; Carl, 9; Theresa, 7; Emil, 5; Joseph, 4; and Bennett, 3 months. Parents: Christian Jacobson Storhaugen (farmer, born on Storhaugen in Gran April 6, 1836) and Siri Gulbrandsdtr (born May 5, 1846 in Grans Parish) Siblings: Jacob C. Jacobson, Wilson WI; Gilbert C. Jacobson, Wilson WI; Oscar C. Jacobson, WIlson WI; Ener C. Jacobson, Lindsay MN; Albert C. Jacobson, Nissen ND; Mrs. Gilbert Johnsrud, Cyrus MN; Robert C. Jacobson, Albert Lea MN; Sander C. Jacobson (deceased).  Paternal Grandparents: Jacob and Anne Storhaugen  Maternal Grandparents: Gulbrand and Elina Hagen Father’s siblings: Nils Jacobsen Storhaugen (deceased); Erik Jacobsen Storhaugen (deceased); Carrie Milsten; Marie Kvenvold (deceased); Jacob Jacobsen Storhaugen.   Mother’s siblings: Ole Hagen, Anne Ballrud, Carrie Iversen, Amund Hagen.




1921 Yearbook - Page 30


30-1 Per Jacobsen                                         Hudson WI

Name changed from Peder Jacobson Trulserud. Born October 13, 1881 on Trulserud  Emigration: aboard the "Celtic" and landing May 30, 1909.  Residences: Hudson WI Occupation: Carpenter  Military Service:Second Brigade Non-Commissioned officer school; sargeant's examination. Served as a minor military official during four summers.  Church: Lutheran  Ragna Olson from Jarisberg February 17, 1912.  Parents: Farmer Johan Jacobsen (born December 6, 1851 in Vinger) and Kjersti Andfossen (born March 5, 1855) Siblings: Jacob Johansen. Mrs. Mari Mysen, Jøran Jacobson, Eline Jacobson, Leif Jacobson, Jaren Sta. Hadeland; Erling Jacobson, Hudson WI.  Paternal Grandparents: Jacob Larsen and Elline Larsen  Maternal Grandparents: Peder Andfossen and Marie Andfossen  Father’s siblings: Member of Norwegian parliament (Storting) H. Jacobsen, Hadeland; Lars Vinger, Decorah (Farmer); Else Molstadkværn, Hadeland; Kari Riste, Deocrah; Marie Haakenson, Decorah; Ingina Rossum, Hadeland.   Mother’s siblings: Peder Molstad-kværn; Anna Rognstad; Kristian Andfossen; Oline Bergit.


30-2 L. Jacobsen                                             Minneapolis MN, 1813 1/2 6th Street South

Born May 12, 1857 on Sletbraaten, Malden, Gran.  Emigration: April 22, 1880 landing in New York on May 12.   Residences: LeMars IA, 1 1/2 yrs; Sioux City, 2 1/2 yrs; since then in Minneapolis MN.  Married Kari Jensdatter   Parents: Jakob Andersen Sletbraaten and Randi Larsdatter Plomaasen.   Father’s siblings: Ole, Fredrik, Anders, John and Ingeborg. 


30-3 A H Johnson                                              Menomonie WI

Name changed from Engebret Johannesen Born March 3, 1844 on Hallum in Lunner.  Emigration: June 1865 aboard "Specifides" and arriving in Iowa in July of 1865.  Residences: 2 yrs, Winneshiek County IA; since then in Menomonie WI. Occupation: Businessman; city mayor 1901-1906.   Married Maren Johanna Johnson.


30-4 Reinhart Jackson                                    Argyle, Lafayette County, WI

Name changed from Reinhart Pedersen. From Jevnaker. Born May 24, 1846.   Emigration: with parents aboard "Vesta" landing in Quebec in 1849. Residences: Argyle WI. Occupation: Farmer    Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church. School: Public school. Married Anne Iversdtr Prestkværn on July 30, 1870.    Children: Even, Maria, Perry, Alvilda, Rose, Clara, Mabel, Alvin. Parents: Peder Jenson ( born Feb. 30 1812 on Gaardsrud in Jevnaker) and Inger Maria Nilsdtr (Jelmenbo, Ringerike) Siblings: Henry Jackson, Blanchardville WI; Jens Jackson, deceased.  Paternal Grandparents: Jens Hansen Gaardsrud and Maria Gaardsrud.  Maternal Grandparents: Nils Jelmenbo and Rønø Jelmenbo.  Father’s siblings: Anders, died in Iowa; Ole, died near Argyle WI; Mrs. Mari Jackson, died in Iowa County WI.   




1921 Yearbook - Page 31


31-1 E O Jerdee                                              Star Prairie WI

From Lunner  Born June 24, 1850.  Emigration: Arrived in Quebec the summer of 1852.  Residences: Dane County, Blue Mounds WI Occupation: Farmer; 1876-1877 Justice of the peace;  chairman   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church School: Public School  Married Anne Lovise Christoffersen (Nydalen, Kristiania, Norway) on February 13, 1871.   Children: Oskar, Emil Laurits, Inger, Petter, Anna Matilde Elise, Albert Arnold.  Parents: Carpenter Ole Pedersen (b. 1806) and Pernille Larsdtr (Nerhellen, Gran) 


31-2 Andrew Johnson                               Hudson WI

Name changed from Anders Johansen, Lille Augedahl. Born December 21, 1857 on Elken, Gran, Hadeland.  Emigration: March 18, 1882 landing in Philadelphia April 6.   Residences: Hudson Wisconsin since April 10, 1882. Occupation: foreman in a railroad yard.   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church Married  Kari Johnsdatter Kjølveien on December 27, 1877.   Children: Marie, born February 7, 1878 in Norway; John, born Febraury 4, 1881 in Norway; Jeronimus, born June 4, 1883; John, born 1886; Alma, born November 17, 1890; and Netta, born February 23, 1892. Thelast four all born in Hudson. Parents: Johan Erikson Solberg (born June 19, 1827 in Gran, Hadeland) and Marie Halvorsdatter Fallang (born November 26, 1830 in Gran, Hadeland). Siblings: Marie K. Jørgensen, Hudson WI; J A Johnson, Hudson WI; Ottilde Anderson, Hudson, WI; Halvor Johnson, Lunner, Hadeland.  Paternal Grandparents:Maternal Grandparents: A Father’s siblings: Anders, Karl, Marte, Gulbjør. 


31-3 Abraham Johnson                           Blanchardville WI

From the Kjævlingstuen farm, Lunner Annex. Born March 26, 1834.  Emigration: July 3, 1852 aboard the "Kristiania" commanded by Captain Muller, landing in Quebec.  Residences: Town of Argyle, Lafayette County, WI Occupation: Farmer, town supervisor, justice of the peace, and member of school board.   Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church School: Ambulatory school in Norway (The teacher moved from farm to farm teaching the children)Married Inger Karine Johnsdtr on July 20, 1856.   Children: Randi Kristine; John William; Louise Nikoline; Lewis (deceased); Joseph Franklin; Caroline Amalie; Henry Oscar - all born in Argyle Township, Lafayette County WI. Parents: Farmer and blacksmith John Johnson (born on Moe, Jevnaker) and Abigal Vaskjø. Siblings: Mrs. Lisa Hanson, Bellingham WA; John Johnson, Lake City TX; Tobias Johnson, MN; Mrs. Severson, Brockeneer OK; Andreas Johnson, Darlington WI.  Paternal Grandparents: Lage and Abigal Johnson  Maternal Grandparents: Lars Hansen Vasjkø and wife Abigal.  Father’s siblings: Lage, Hans and Karen.   Mother’s siblings: Hans, Lage, and Marthe Hanson.


31-4 Iver T. Johnsrud                               St Cloud MN

Born May 2, 1866  in Hadeland  Emigration: Spring of 1868 landing in Quebec.   Residences: Dane County WI 1868-1869; Waseca County MN 1869-1872; Renville County MN 1872-1893 and since then in St Cloud MN. Occupation: Teacher at the Normal school    Church: The Norwegian Synod School: Graduated from the state normal school, University of Minnesota (member of Sigma Chi).  Married Married Mollie Elizabeth on December 28, 1869 (American).   Parents: Tobias Hanson Johnsrud (born in Hadeland abou 1826 and died a farmer in Renville County in 1886 about 60 years old) and Mary (born in Hadeland in 1825 and died in the spring of 1903) Siblings: Mrs. Anne K. Rolie, Sacred Heart MN; Mrs. Helena Gulbrandson, Benson MN. Both are married to farmers.



1921 Yearbook - Page 32


32-1 Kari Johnson                                      Hudson WI

Name changed from Kari Johnsdatter Kjølveien Born December 24, 1851 on Kjølveien, Gran, Hadeland.  Emigration: March 18, 1882 landing in Philadelphia April 6.   Residences: Hudson WI Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church   Married Anders Johansen Lille Augedahl on December 27, 1877   Children: (See Andrew Johnson, Hudson WI) Parents: John Andersen Kjølveien (born in Hadeland in 1817) and Ingeborg Olsdatter (born in Gran, Hadeland in 1830) Siblings: Pernille Paulsen, Monroe County WI; Olina, Gran, Norway; Anders Johnsen, Toten, Norway;Hellen, Gran, Hadeland; Marie Andersen, Walsh County ND; Ingeborg Nilsen, Walsh County ND; Olaf Johansen, Walsh County ND; Johanne, Thief River Falls MN.  


32-2 Jerome Johnson                               Hudson WI

Born June 4, 1883 in Hudson WI    Residences: Hudson WI Occupation: Banker  Military Service: 6 years Musician in the Wisconsin National Guard  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church   Married Anne Moe on August 27, 1907   Children: Carmen, born July 12, 1908 and Dorothy, born December 22, 1909. (See Mrs. Mary Olson, Hudson WI for extended family information)


32-3 Mrs. Elina Johnson                          Star Prairie WI

  Born December 17, 1851  Emigration: 1866, landing in Quebec.  Residences: 1866-1871 Green County WI; since then Polk County WI  Married P H Johnson on September 17, 1874 (see P H Johnson, Star Prairie WI  for family information)


32-4 John P Johnson                                 Deronda, Polk County WI

Name changed from John Peter Amundson Born June 18, 1855 on Nygaard in Gran.  Emigration: 1870, landing in Quebec.  Residences: 2 yrs in Green County WI; since then in Polk County WI Occupation: Farmer   Married Ingeborg Larson from Hadeland.  Parents: Amund Jensen ( born on Kvarud in Gran) and Guro Pedersdtr, Gran. 


32-5 P H Johnson                                        Star Prairie WI

Name changed from Peder Halvorsen Risendahl  Born April 18, 1849 in Hadeland.  Emigration: April  18, 1869 aboard the "Anna Delius" landing in Quebec in June.   Residences: 1869-1871 Green County WI; since then Polk County WI. Occupation: Farmer; county treasurer 1896-1900 and have held various "town offices."  Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church School: Folk school in Norway Married Elina Nilsdtr Briskebakken on September 17, 1873.     Children: Fourteen, of whom 9 are alive.  Netta Pauline, Henry Emil, Alfred Julius, Emma Mathilde, Ida Josefine, Ottilde Marie, Klara, Perry Rudolf and Hilmar Frithjof.  Parents: Halver Risendahl (called "Skrædder-Halvor", emigrated to America in 1874, died March 9, 1905) and Pernille Paulusdatter (born 1823, emigrated to America in 1874, died in Hudson WI, 1876).  Siblings: Anna Maria Olson, Star Prairie WI; John H. Johnson, Goodwin SD


32-6 Lars P. Johnsrud                              Canby MN

Born May 22, 1850 in Lunner  Emigration: May 16, 1873  Residences: 6 yrs in Iowa, since then in Canby MN. Occupation: Farmer; rural and municipal judge ; two years on 'the council'; Director, National Citizen's Bank of Canby. Church: The United Norwegian Lutheran Church  Married 14 June 1877 the daughter of Anders and Mathea Kongskoven, Hakkedalen.   




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