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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

- Ha -

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Last Name First Name City State
Haagenson John, Mrs. Cooperstown ND
Haagenstad Alfred, Mr & Mrs Kindred, Maddock ND
Haagenstad Dale & Mary Montrose MN
Haagenstad Mathias Hudson WI
Haakenstad H P Maddock ND
Haakenstad Halvor Mabel ND
Haakenstad Halvor P Minneapolis,Montevideo MN
Haakenstad Ida Canton SD
Haakenstad Iver, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Haakenstad Joe, Mr & Mrs Maddock ND
Haakenstad Mathias Hudson WI
Haakenstad O P Montevideo MN
Haakenstad Thron O Garretson SD
Haaronsen Martin Decorah IA
Haarstad E J, Mrs Rothsay MN
Haarstick Henry Pelican Rapids MN
Haga Adolph  Northwood ND
Haga Amanda Bergen ND
Haga Andrew & Anne Northwood ND
Haga Andrew A, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Haga Gilbert & Evelyn Flin Flon, Manitoba Canada
Haga Glenn Northwood ND
Haga Gunda Northwood ND
Haga Gust Northwood ND
Haga Hans, Mrs Plaza ND
Haga Hope Northwood ND
Haga Joe R Northwood ND
Haga Mathilda Velva ND
Haga Ole Pelican Rapids MN
Hage Andrew Moorhead MN
Hage (Haga) Mathilda Velva ND
Hageland Chris, Mrs Hawley MN
Hagen Alma Fosston MN
Hagen Amanda Bergen ND
Hagen Amund G Sacred Heart MN
Hagen Andrew Fosston MN
Hagen Anna Ryder ND
Hagen Arthur Moorhead MN, Northwood ND
Hagen Christ, Mr & Mrs Ryder, Grano ND
Hagen Clarence McIntosh MN
Hagen Ervin Valley City ND
Hagen Gilbert Fertile, Sacred Heart MN
Hagen Iver O Fertile MN
Hagen John, Mr & Mrs Watford City ND
Hagen Lars A. Ryder ND
Hagen Lars B Ryder ND
Hagen Martin Ryder ND
Hagen Melvin Rothsay MN
Hagen Ole, Mr. & Mrs. Hollendale WI, Northwood ND
Hagen Peter Menonomie WI, Lake Park MN
Hagen Sam Crystal ND
Hagen Sivert Hudson WI
Hagen Theodore J., Dr. Pelican Rapids MN
Hakonstad Iver, Mr. & Mrs. Canton SD
Halbakken Anders (Andrew) Pelican Rapids MN
Halbakken Avis Rothsay MN
Halbakken Cora Pelican Rapids MN
Halbakken David S, Rev Fertile MN, Coeur D'Alene ID
Halbakken Ellen Rothsay MN
Halbakken Ernest Rothsay MN
Halbakken Irvin Rothsay MN
Halbakken Iver, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Halbakken Lars Belfour ND
Halbakken Martin A Rothsay MN
Halbakken Norman, Mr & Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Halbakken S A Pelican Rapids MN
Halbakken Sander A, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Hale Iver A Harmony WI
Hale Iver J Harmony MN
Haley M L Fairview MT
Hall E M Elk Point SD
Hall Louise Vorland Clear Lake IA
Hall Rasmus M Clear Lake IA
Hallum Ed Columbus ND
Hallum Iver, Mr & Mrs Columbus ND
Halverson Einer, Mrs Blanchardville WI
Halvorson Christ C New Richmond WI
Halvorson Ed Thompson IA
Halvorson H S & Alba Fertile MN
Halvorson Halvor New Richmond WI
Halvorson Mary Velva ND
Halvorson Sever, Mrs. Northwood ND
Hammer James Scobey MT
Hammer Jeri Lee Scobey MT
Hammer Julius  Spooner WI
Hammer Lars & Mary Scobey MT
Hammer Lloyd  Scobey MT
Hammer Magne Scobey MT
Hammer Mary Ann Scobey MT
Hammer Roland Wolf Point MT
Hammerud Anton Perley MN
Hammerud Henry Moorhead MN
Hammerud Iver Comstock MN
Hammerud O M Lake Park MN
Hansbakken Hans, Mr & Mrs Benedict ND
Hansen A H, Mrs Jasper MN
Hansen Andrew Fargo ND
Hansen Hans Gettysburg SD
Hansen John Claire City SD
Hansen Martha Nye WI
Hansen Nicolaus (Nicoli) Heimdal, Kindred ND
Hansen Nils Gettysburg SD
Hanserud Engebret Northwood ND
Hanserud Ingebret Clarkfield MN
Hanson Adolph & Mildred Mayville ND
Hanson Albert Albert Lea MN
Hanson Albert, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Hanson Andrew Mayville ND
Hanson Anna G Harvey, Heimdal ND
Hanson Ansgar & Adeline Aneta, Kloten ND
Hanson Anton    Blanchardville WI
Hanson Carl Dows IA
Hanson Christ, Mr & Mrs New Richmond WI
Hanson Christian Tennis SD
Hanson E N Harvey ND
Hanson Edwin A Moorhead MN
Hanson Emil O Vienna SD
Hanson Emma Harvey  ND
Hanson Engbrit, Mrs Yankton SD
Hanson Erik Cut Bank, Hot Springs MT
Hanson Fred Underwood MN
Hanson Gena Albert Lea MN
Hanson Gilbert Argyle, Blanchardville WI
Hanson H Naples SD
Hanson H J Inwood IA
Hanson H P Fargo ND
Hanson Halvor Naples SD
Hanson Hans Mayville ND
Hanson Hans H Underwood MN
Hanson Hans K Clark Grove MN
Hanson Helen Blue River WI
Hanson Henry Binford ND
Hanson Henry Hollendale WI
Hanson Hilmar Alkabo ND
Hanson Isabelle Whalen MN
Hanson Judy St Paul MN
Hanson K A Madelia MN
Hanson Mathias Madison SD
Hanson Matt, Mr & Mrs Colton SD
Hanson O A Sherman SD
Hanson Olaf, Mr & Mrs Alkabo ND
Hanson Ole Lake Crystal MN
Hanson Ole Elva WI
Hanson Oscar Buxton ND
Hanson Otto M Madison SD
Hanson P G Northwood ND
Hanson P J, Mr & Mrs Little Falls MN
Hanson Peter Star Prairie WI
Hanson Petter Forest City IA
Hanson Roy V Breckenridge MN
Hanson Rudolf Albert Lea MN
Hanson Simon, Mr & Mrs Darlington WI
Hanson Thor Montevideo MN
Hanson Thos Elgin IA
Hanson Tosten Fergus Falls MN
Hansrud Engebret Clarkfield MN
Hansrud Karl B Hamburg ND
Haraldson Christ Star Prairie WI
Harraway R, Mrs Moorhead MN, Everett WA
Harrison Steve Clear Lake WI
Harrison Steve & Helen Marie Colfax, Menomonie WI
Hartviksen C, Mrs Fargo ND
Hartwig Leona Oxfordville WI
Haskenson Martin, Mrs Decorah IA
Haug Amos, Mr & Mrs Willow Lake SD
Haug Anders (Andrew) H Willow Lake SD
Haug Anders Paulson Canton SD
Haug Andrew Wolf Point MT
Haug Anton Hoople ND
Haug Ardine, Mrs Nielsville MN
Haug Carl, Mr & Mrs Epping ND
Haug Edwin, Mr & Mrs Willow Lake SD
Haug Gina Blanchardville WI
Haug Halvor H Watson MN
Haug Hans Willow Lake SD
Haug Herman Willow Lake SD
Haug Ingvald I Austin MN
Haug Jergen Epping ND
Haug John H Willow Lake SD
Haug Lyle Willow Lake SD
Haug Nils, Mr & Mrs Auburn ND
Haug O R Canton, Huron SD
Haug Ole P, Mr & Mrs Blanchardville WI
Haug Osmar Huron SD
Haug Otto J Epping ND
Haug Tina P Beloit, Blanchardville WI
Haugen Bjarne Minot ND
Haugen Christ & Agnes Grenora ND
Haugen Christian E Hudson WI
Haugen Ed Gully MN
Haugen Edvard, Mr & Mrs Butte ND
Haugen Gunder Fertile MN
Haugen Iver Fertile MN
Haugen John, Mrs. Mayville ND
Haugen Martin, Mr & Mrs Ryder ND
Haugen Peter Menomonie WI
Haugen Peter, Mr & Mrs Lake Park MN
Haugen Steffen A Rothsay MN
Hauger Andrew Wolf Point MT
Hauger Marven, Mrs Pelican Rapids MN
Hauger Ole Devils Lake ND
Hauger Steffen R Rothsay MN
Hawley M L, Mrs Fairview MT

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