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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

- He through Hy -

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Last Name First Name City State
Hedahl Duane C Great Falls MT
Hedberg Elaine Madison WI
Hedindal Julius, Mr & Mrs Ray ND
Heen Hans Martin Adams ND
Heen Swen Mohall ND
Heggedahl M, Mrs Nerstrom ND
Heggen G J Garretson SD
Heggen Halvor Garretson SD
Heggen Hans J Hudson WI
Heggen John New Richmond WI
Heggen L M, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Heggen P J, Mr & Mrs Mabel MN
Heggen J P Mabel MN
Heglund Ida Hawley MN
Heier Halvor J Brookings SD
Heier Ole Petersburg ND
Helgeson Anton Sheridan WI
Helgeson C O, Mr & Mrs Maddock ND
Helgeson Marie Sogn Canton SD
Helgeson Martin Waseca MN
Helgeson Silas Canton SD
Helland Christ Mossbank, Saskatchewan Canada
Helland Peder  Ruso ND
Hellingson Halvor, Mrs Elmore MN
Helmeid B B Blanchardville WI
Helmey Thomas P & Marie Minneapolis MN
Hendrickson Hans P & Marie Newfolden MN
Hennum Gunda Northfield MN
Hensrud Karla B Hamburg ND
Hensrud Ole, Mr & Mrs Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
Hermundstad J., Mrs Plaza ND
Herom D P, Mrs Northwood ND
Herrick Alma Valley City ND
Heskin Oliver, Mr & Mrs Aneta ND
Heterumsmoen Anders Christianson  
Hexam D, Mrs Decorah, Northwood IA
Heyer Halvor J Brookings SD & ND
Hickey Selma Scandinavia WI
Hilden A H Milan, Whalen MN
Hilden A J Baudette MN
Hilden Andreas, Mr & Mrs Northwood ND
Hilden Anna, Mrs. Whalen MN
Hilden G B Aneta ND, Watson MN
Hilden Halvor Bemidji MN
Hilden Hans H Watson MN
Hilden I J Battle Lake  MN
Hilden Iver H Whalen MN
Hilden J I Bemidji MN
Hilden M A Glasgow MT
Hilden Marie Northwood ND
Hilden Marthea Kempton ND
Hilden Mary Aneta ND
Hilden Ole Ellingson Northwood ND
Hilden Peter Cashton WI
Hilden T J Battle Lake MN
Hilden Thomas J Underwood MN
Hill Fred, Mrs Virginia MN
Hill G, Mrs Virginia MN
Hill Iver Gaylord MN
Hill Mabel Minneapolis MN
Hill Manfred & Leona Canton SD
Hillier Kenneth, Dr  & Mrs Portales NM
Hisseley Harrold, Mrs Devils Lake MN
Hjelmstad Elmer Pelican Rapids MN
Hoel A G Cooperstown ND
Hoel E J Kildeer ND
Hoff Clifford, Mr & Mrs Sioux Falls SD
Hoff Erick Madison SD
Hoff Hans H Whalen MN
Hoff Julius, Mr & Mrs Madison SD
Hoff Ole P Salem OR
Hoff Peter H Argyle WI
Hoff R J Rowley, Alberta Canada
Hogan C W, Mrs Jamestown ND
Hoganson Ingeborg Myhre Halstad MN
Hoglund Victor, Mr & Mrs Fertile MN
Hoiby Arthur Pelican Rapids MN
Hoiby Eli Pelican Rapids MN
Hoiby Iver McGregor ND
Hoiby Martha Bismarck ND
Hoiby Ole & Helga McGregor ND
Hoiby Thorvald Noonan ND
Holden Andreas H Northwood ND
Holden Hans H Watson MN
Holden Louis, Mrs Moorhead MN
Holden Ole Ellingson Northwood ND
Hole Iver A Harmony WI
Holey Andrew Hillhead SD
Holey M E Fairview MT
Holey M L  Arnegard ND
Holien R, Mrs Moorhead MN
Holje Marius, Mr & Mrs Salt Lake City UT
Holm Iver, Mr & Mrs New Richmond WI
Holm John, Mr & Mrs Hudson WI
Holm,Ballangrud John, Mr & Mrs Glendive MT
Holman Bob L, Mr & Mrs Red Lodge MT
Holmen Iver H Detroit Lakes MN
Holsen Louis, Mrs Moorhead MN
Holsen R T, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN
Holsen Rasmus, Mr & Mrs Moorhead MN
Holsen Rasmus, Mrs Moorhead MN
Holsen Sam & Margaret Moorhead MN
Holseth Lise Bagley MN
Holst Christ, Mrs Northwood ND
Holt O A Delevan MN
Holt O J Rushford SD
Holt Palma M Pelican Rapids MN
Holten Mrs. Ruth (Stanford) Forest City IA
Holter Julian, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Honerud John Sanshey, Denthey, Sask. Canada
Honsrud Engebret Clarkfield MN
Hoople Mrs. Glen Minneapolis MN
Horgen Albert I Northwood ND
Horgen Christen P (Kristen) Decorah IA
Horgen Edward Dogden ND
Horgen Gilbert H, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Horgen Gudle C Decorah IA
Horgen Gulbrand C Decorah IA
Horgen Hans, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Horgen Ingeborg G Osage IA
Horgen Peter Star Prairie WI
Horn A B Tacoma WA
Hovey Thora, Miss Badger IA
Hovland Adolph, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Hovland Alfred Rothsay MN
Hovland Alice Rothsay MN
Hovland Arthur Lignite ND
Hovland G O Forest City IA
Hovland Gilbert Olson Forest City IA
Hovland J H Rothsay MN
Hovland Joseph S, Mr & Mrs Rothsay MN
Hovland Lewis (Louis) G Rothsay MN
Hovland M S Rothsay MN
Hovland N O Lawndale MN
Hovland Otto Rothsay MN
Hovlandseie Gulbrand Olsen Forest City IA
Humind Ole Rothsay MN
Husby E, Mrs Canton SD
Huseby Harrold, Mrs Devils Lake ND
Huseby Kjersti Kindred, Mayville ND
Huser Lars Montevideo MN
Huser Martinus  Montevideo MN
Hvamstad Ole B Blanchardville WI
Hvattum Henry Canton SD
Hvatum Edward Canton SD


Fred, Mr & Mrs



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