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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

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Last Name First Name City State
Lagerholdt A A, Mrs Hoople ND
Lageson Ed, Mrs (Helga) Blanchardville WI
Lageson Erick Fragot Montevideo MN
Lahren A C Ft Ransom ND
Lahren Edward Kindred ND
Lahren Peter, Mr & Mrs DeLamere ND
Lamm Leonard Nunda SD
Langlet Halvor Detroit Lakes MN
Larsen Annie Delavan MN
Larsen Helen Hudson SD, Red Lodge MT
Larsen J David, Mrs Red Lodge MT
Larshus Ole N Sacred Heart Mtn, Dunseith ND
Larson Anna  Northwood ND
Larson Anton Bagley MN
Larson August Rothsay MN
Larson Axel, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Larson Bertha Crosby ND
Larson Bertina Sheldon ND
Larson Caroline Lunden Holman SD
Larson Christian, Mr & Mrs Ordell, Saskatchewan Canada
Larson Dena, Mrs Lyle MN
Larson Ed, Mrs  Howard SD
Larson Gilbert Mina SD
Larson Hans Holekanton Lakeville MN
Larson Helen Hudson SD
Larson Helga Red Lake Falls MN
Larson Helmina Minneapolis MN
Larson Herman, Mr & Mrs Crosby ND
Larson Hilman, Mrs Minneapolis MN
Larson Iver Montevideo MN
Larson John E Blanchardville WI
Larson L. A. (Tony) Mr&Mrs Plentywood MT
Larson Lars Spring Valley WI
Larson Lewis   Sioux Falls SD
Larson Lewis   Goodrich MN
Larson Nils N Decorah IA
Larson Ole S Seattle WA
Larson Orice & Vivian Montevideo MN
Larson Otto Montevideo MN
Larson Peder Mina SD
Larson Robert A, Mr & Mrs Everett WA
Larson Samuel Blanchardville WI
Larson Swend Fergus Falls MN
Larson Thomas Osage IA
Larson Thorvald Little Fork MN
Lauber Ray L, Mrs Bismarck ND
Law Margaret Minneapolis MN
Lawson C.M. & Gladys Boone IA
Ledding W C & Bertha New Richmond WI
Lee A, Mrs Deronda WI
Lee A, Mrs Jamestown ND
Lee Andrew Dilworth MN
Lee Andrew Madison SD
Lee Carl Osage IA
Lee Charles New Richmond WI
Lee Chasley New Richmond WI
Lee Christian E Crosby ND
Lee Gabriel Blanchardville WI
Lee Gertrude Osage IA
Lee Gilbert Skjerum,Mrs Osage IA
Lee Gulbrand Plymouth IA
Lee J A McGregor ND
Lee John A, Mr & Mrs Hudson WI
Lee John, Mrs Minot ND
Lee Julius, Mr & Mrs Billings MT
Lee Kjersti Hudson WI
Lee Peter A, Mr & Mrs Hudson WI
Leiberg Mathilda McKinock ND
Lenden Julia Lonetree ND
Lere Peder Marion ND
Lerud Andreas, Mr & Mrs Hatton ND
Lerud L L New Richmond WI
Leseth H T, Mrs Decorah IA
Lessing W C & Bertha New Richmond WI
Levitt Iva Shreveport LA
Levorson Otto C, Mr & Mrs Osage IA
Lieberg Mathilda McIntosh SD
Lien Christ Pekin ND
Lien H T  Spalding, Saskatchewan Canada
Lien John, Mrs Tamerack MN
Lien Melvin, Mr & Mrs Driscoll ND, Rothsay MN
Lien Ronald Rochester MN
Lien Thorvold, Mr & Mrs Litchfield MN
Lillevald Minnie Fargo ND
Lindberg C A, Mrs (Helga) Yakima WA
Lindberg C, Mrs Farmington MN
Lindberg Marie Milan MN
Lindberg Nels & Mildred Yakima WA
Lindberg Walter & Elsie Yakima WA
Linden Christine Anderdater Plaza ND
Linden Inger Anderdater Northwood ND
Linden Marie A Canton SD
Lindseth Anton Silva ND
Lindseth Oscar, Mrs Minot ND
Lindstad Axel H Osage IA
Lindstad Carl Lake Geneva Wi, Niles IL
Locken Hans, Mr & Mrs Mohall ND
Lohn H W, Mrs Mitchell IA, Northfield MN
Loing Helen Plymouth MN
Loing Ole J, Mr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Loken Hans Gulbrandson DeSmet SD
Loken Iver Gulbrandson Brandt SD
Loken Melvin, Mr & Mrs Canton SD
Lokes L E Fairview SD
Lokken Edward, Mr & Mrs Bear River MN
Lokken Mabel Bear River MN
Lokken Oscar, Mr & Mrs Minot ND
Londers Herbert, Mrs Kenmare ND
Loren Conrad Nemo SD
Lund A P Vienna SD
Lund Raymond, Mr & Mrs Mt Horeb WI
Lundberg Carl Marstad Montevideo MN
Lundby Halvor Webster SD
Lunde N A, Mr & Mrs Luverne MN
Lunden Iver H Minneapolis MN
Lunder Nels T Dale MN
Lunder Thron, Mr & Mrs Kindred ND
Lunder Torvald Fargo ND
Lura Anna Minot ND
Lura Katheryn S Paynesville MN
Lyngstad Margaret Hudson WI
Lyngstad P A Minneapolis MN
Lynne Alfred Heimdal ND
Lynne Andrew, Mr & Mrs Plaza ND
Lynne Arne Plaza ND
Lynne C J & Helen Turtle Lake ND
Lynne Christopher J Hartland, Moorhead MN
Lynne Daniel Williston ND
Lynne Ed Decorah IA
Lynne Edward & Lena Plaza ND
Lynne Fred J & Lena Moorhead MN
Lynne Helen  Turtle Lake ND
Lynne Ingvald, Mr & Mrs Plaza ND
Lynne Karen Kindred ND
Lynne Karine Ryen Moorhead MN
Lynne Knut Montevideo MN
Lynne Lena Plaza ND
Lynne Myrtle Plaza ND
Lynne Nels, Mrs Plaza ND
Lynne Otto, Mr & Mrs Plaza ND
Lynne Palmer, Mr & Mrs Montevideo MN
Lynne Randi Plaza ND
Lynne T J Moorhead MN
Lynne Thorvald, Mr & Mrs Plaza ND
Lynner Anton Maddock, Devils Lake ND
Lynner Charles Clarkfield MN
Lynner E H Hatton, Bismarck ND
Lynner Ed Decorah IA
Lynner Ingvald Clarkfield MN
Lynner Jack & Lois Clarkfield MN
Lynner Jens Hansen Clarkfield MN
Lynner Karen Maddock ND
Lynner Mattie Maddock ND
Lynner Syvren Maddock ND
Lysacker Fredrik Fargo ND

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