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Hadeland Lag Member List 1910 - 1989

- I through J -

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Last Name First Name City State


Julius, Mr & Mrs



Ingebrightson Glenn, Mr & Mrs Fairview SD
Ingvaldson Ingvald Haug Austin MN
Ingwell Gunder Blanchardville WI
Ingwell Isaak Blanchardville WI
Isaacs Alton W, Mr & Mrs Clarkfield MN
Iverson A P St Paul MN
Iverson Albert Hudson WI
Iverson Carl Esmond ND
Iverson Gilbert Watson MN
Iverson H P Watson MN
Iverson Henry, Mr & Mrs Minot ND
Iverson Iver Star Prairie WI
Iverson Iver Minot ND
Iverson John A Dows IA
Iverson Konrad & Inga Garrison, Emmet ND
Iverson Ole Cartwright ND
Iverson Paul Clarkfield MN
Iverson Paul H Lamberton,Clarkfield MN
Iverson Peder Argyle, New Richmond WI
Iverson Peter Watson MN
Iverson Peter Fargo ND
Iverson Paul Hershey WI
Jackson John Argyle WI
Jackson Reinhart Blanchardville WI
Jacobson A J Pelican Rapids MN
Jacobson Arthur Pelican Rapids MN
Jacobson Bennet Fertile, Twin Valley MN
Jacobson Carl Fertile MN
Jacobson Clifford Fertile MN
Jacobson Dean Clearbrook MN
Jacobson E C, Mrs Clearbrook MN
Jacobson E L, Mr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Jacobson Emil Fertile MN
Jacobson Erling E Hudson Wi, Philadelphia PA
Jacobson Inga O. Northwood ND
Jacobson J C Wilson WI
Jacobson Jean Trail MN
Jacobson John, Mr & Mrs Trail MN
Jacobson Joseph   Fertile MN
Jacobson Kari Minneapolis MN
Jacobson L, Mr & Mrs Minneapolis MN
Jacobson Nels C, Mr & Mrs Fertile, Albert Lea MN
Jacobson Norris & Selma Fertile MN
Jacobson O A, Rev Fertile MN
Jacobson Ole T, Mrs Northwood ND
Jacobson Ole, Mrs St Paul MN
Jacobson Oscar C Fertile MN
Jacobson Peder G Madison WI
Jacobson Per(Peder),Mr & Mrs Hudson WI, Valrice FL
Jacobson Peter & Anne Lynne Binford ND
Jacobson Ray, Mr & Mrs Clearbrook MN
Jacobson Raymond, Mr & Mrs Fertile MN
Jacobson Reinholdt Argyle, Blanchardville WI
Jacobson Robert C Albert Lea MN
Jacobson Roger Clearbrook MN
Jelen Annette Green Bay WI
Jensen Carl, Mrs Berthold ND
Jensen J H Hudson WI
Jensen Marie Sharon ND
Jenson Carl, Mrs Rothsay MN
Jenson Ingeborg Minneapolis MN
Jensrud Christ Mayfair, Saskatchewan Canada
Jeral Julia (Mrs. Hilmer) Hawley MN
Jerde H O Star Prairie WI
Jerde O P, Mrs Deer Park WI
Jerdee Erik O Star Prairie WI
Jerstad Peder E Freeman SD
Jerve C S Montevideo MN
Jerve Idon Rothsay MN
Johanson Peder Kanell Borge, Galesburg ND
Johns Marvin San Louis Obispo CA
Johnson A H, Mr & Mrs Menomonie WI
Johnson A, Mr & Mrs Sharon ND
Johnson Abraham Joice IA, Blanchardville WI
Johnson Adolph Madison MN
Johnson Albert Mariette MN
Johnson Andrew Clarkfield MN
Johnson Andrew, Mr & Mrs Hudson WI
Johnson Anna, Mrs. Fargo ND
Johnson Arthur C, Mrs Starbuck MN
Johnson Axel, Mr & Mrs Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
Johnson C E Sioux City IA
Johnson C J Wentworth SD
Johnson Curtis, Mrs St Paul MN
Johnson Dolores Starbuck MN
Johnson Dorthea Beresford SD
Johnson E W, Mr & Mrs Darlington WI
Johnson Elina Star Prairie WI
Johnson Elmer, Mr & Mrs Worthington MN
Johnson Evelyn O Omaha NB
Johnson G S Inwood IA
Johnson Glenn, Mr & Mrs Ellsworth WI
Johnson Hannah Willow Lake SD
Johnson Hans Deronda WI
Johnson Hans Deronda WI
Johnson Herbert L,Mr & Mrs Media PA
Johnson Inga M Alexander ND
Johnson Iver Hudson WI
Johnson Iver T St Cloud MN
Johnson J C Rock Rapids IA
Johnson J K Little Prairie, BC Canada
Johnson J T, Mrs New Richmond WI
Johnson Jerome Hudson WI
Johnson John Blanchardville WI
Johnson John A Sharon ND
Johnson John C New Richmond WI
Johnson John C, Mr & Mrs Argyle WI
Johnson John G Minneapolis MN
Johnson John G Hadley MN
Johnson John P Deronda WI
Johnson Julius New Richmond WI
Johnson Kari Hudson WI
Johnson Lars Knudstad Argyle WI
Johnson Martin Northwood ND
Johnson Martinus J Montevideo MN
Johnson Nels  Bear River MN
Johnson Olaf Canton SD
Johnson Olaus Northwood ND
Johnson Ole C Spirit Lake IA
Johnson Ole W Deer River MN
Johnson Oscar Blanchardville WI
Johnson P H Star Prairie WI
Johnson Peder Galesburg ND
Johnson Peder J Davenport, Bergan ND
Johnson Remerlie Rothsay MN
Johnson Simon, Mr & Mrs Fertile MN
Johnson Thomas Star Prairie WI
Johnson Victor  Clarks Grove MN
Johnsrud Iver St Cloud MN
Johnsrud Jorgen E Montevideo MN
Johnsrud Lars Paulson Canby MN
Johnsrud Little Hans Fertile MN
Johnsrud Martha Northwood ND
Johnsrud Martinus J Montevideo MN
Johnsrud Nils Bear River MN
Johnsrud Reuben & Ethelyn Dawson MN
Johnsrud Selmer, Mr & Mrs Sioux Falls SD
Jolson Lyle Minneapolis MN
Jones C L Makoti ND
Jones Kenneth & Evelyn Minneapolis MN
Jonesrud A C Finnemore WI
Jonesrud Mons, Mr & Mrs Finnemore WI
Jonstad Peder, Mr & Mrs Freeman SD
Jordahl G H, Mrs Hartland MN
Jorgenson G A, Mr & Mrs Litchfield MN
Jorgenson Julia Grafton ND
Jystad Emma Galesburg ND

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